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Creative Displays Now specializes in designing, manufacturing, and distributing cardboard floor displays for the retail environment. Ideally, point of sale (POS) floor displays are designed to market your product through eye-catching graphics and structural creativity. With eye-level custom display shelves, unmissable size and colorful prints, floor merchandisers are an effective way to draw your customers’ attention and encourage sales.

Our structural and graphic display design, project management, and sales teams have years of experience to help your company launch your retail floor displays into the marketplace. Successfully market your product with custom floor display stands designed with us.

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Do Custom Displays Increase Sales?

Custom cardboard floor displays are a valuable marketing tool that companies use to boost their sales and increase brand awareness. They showcase your products in an eye-catching display so shoppers can see and access them easily. Brands that sell consumer packaged goods (CPG) can use custom displays to drive sales, build their reputation and grow their customer base.

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Benefits of Retail Floor Displays

From floor displays and hanging signage to countertop structures, there are a myriad of ways to display your retail products. How can a custom cardboard floor display help you increase sales and draw in customers? Floor merchandisers offer several unique benefits:

Sturdy and Reliable

Because of their size, well-made floor structures tend to be sturdy and long-lasting. Cardboard display stands from Creative Displays Now typically feature a thick and recyclable corrugated cardboard that stands upright without flopping or sagging. A strong yet easy to open frame keeps your display looking fresh and professional for as long as you need.

Easy to Move

Cardboard floor displays are lightweight and portable, allowing you to place them wherever you need. You can choose to strategically put floor merchandisers near store entrances, checkout aisles or specific sections.

Eye-Level Focus

One undeniable benefit of pop floor displays is their height. It’s difficult to miss retail floor displays at eye level, so customers will likely see your advertised products. This is particularly beneficial when floor displays are placed near the point of purchase. As customers wait in line, they’re drawn to notice and consider your featured products, increasing your likelihood of a sale.

Cost-Effective Floor Shippers

Creative Displays Now offers affordable options for custom cardboard floor displays. The cost-effective nature of a floor shipper makes them easy to update and replace while sticking to a budget. This means you can swap out your floor displays to reflect the current season, latest campaign or newest product, all while showing potential customers a fresh look.

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Types of Custom Cardboard Floor Displays

Custom floor displays come in all shapes and sizes. This range allows you to place your products in various locations around retail stores, maximizing the potential for successful sales. Choose from floor merchandisers such as:

  • Case stacker displays: Often used to display beverages, case stackers are an attention-grabbing yet straightforward way to promote any beverage from soft drinks to beer and wine.
  • Pallet displays: Stack and show off products with a printed pallet display, customized to fit your brand.
  • Floor bin displays: Floor bins, whether in a classic shape or a dynamic hexagon configuration, save floor space and effectively display many products. Custom printing can advertise the product, while the bin easily holds a large number of items at POS locations.
  • Endcap displays: Usually placed in high-traffic areas of a store, you can easily pre-pack and set up endcap displays to stand on the floor, helping your product stand out.

This is not a comprehensive list — Creative Displays Now offers many different types of custom display stands you can choose from and customize! Browse our creative point of purchase displays to learn more.

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– Kate, Megawine, Inc.
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– Dan P., Printing Communications
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– Jodi G., Director, GreatSchools Milwaukee
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Creative Displays Now is ready to fulfill your free standing display needs. With almost 60 years of experience and a team of expert structural designers, we can help you create unique and effective retail floor display stands. Contact us to learn more or give us a call and get your cardboard floor display project underway. If you have any questions about budgeting for a custom project, get a free estimate from our experts today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer multiple print methods for floor displays. The printing options we offer include lithography, flexography and digital printing. Our advanced prepress and printing services can bring your custom display ideas to life.

Absolutely. Through collaborative discussions, our structural designers will gather information about your desired outcomes for each project to create eye-catching, revenue-boosting designs suited to match your goals.

We can accommodate quantities under 350 using our digital press; however, it’s important to note that the per-unit price increases significantly for smaller runs. Every project involves design and prepress processes, incurring fixed expenses. If you’re considering a smaller run for a market test or a specialized campaign, we can discuss different options to see if we would be a good fit that aligns with your needs.

Structural prototypes can be provided at no extra cost to ensure a proper fit and support for your product. We can also offer print samples from previous work with other customers to show our capabilities. There is typically a charge for a full-color prototype, but if you proceed with a production order after ordering the full-color prototype, we will credit that amount toward the production order.

Yes. Our team can put your display components together. We provide display fulfillment for floor displays based on your choice of either copacking or constructing the displays.