The Benefits of Working With Retail Display Manufacturers

benefits of working with retail display manufacturers

Manufacturers professionally design custom retail displays for products in various industries, helping you reach more customers and increase your sales. Why use a professional manufacturer instead of creating your own signage or display? Keep reading to learn more about how the work manufacturers do can benefit your business operations.

What Is the Importance of a Retail Display?

The checkout process is often the start of a store’s business relationship with a customer, and the same is true with a customer who is buying your product for the first time. If you create an engaging experience where this relationship begins, your customers will want to return. Setting up custom retail displays can help you achieve your sales goals and encourage impulse shopping to secure last-minute sales.

Optimize your checkout counter by hiring a retail display manufacturer who can help:

1. Create a Meaningful Message

When you work with a manufacturer, you can showcase the best features of your brand through quality materials, prints and designs. For example, if your company wants to market products with sustainability as a virtue, a manufacturer can provide eco-friendly options such as corrugated cardboard displays.

The shape of your display can also add meaning to it. The aesthetics of your model should match your products and what you want customers to feel they represent.

2. Produce Large Volumes of Displays

When you have the opportunity to put displays in multiple stores, working with a manufacturer is an economical way to ensure your displays are uniform in quality. When your team prepares retail displays without using a third party, the results could vary, especially with larger quantities that will eventually need to be replaced.

3. Focus on Quality

Professionally designed displays with quality printing enhance the presentation of your products. A display manufacturer uses accurate technology for the design and printing processes, so customers notice the value in the display case when they’re browsing for products. A good presentation has an impact on consumers’ perceptions even though the value of your products is unaffected by the appearance of the display itself.

4. Increase Impulse Sales

drive impulse shoppers

Impulse purchases are unplanned decisions to buy certain products before exiting the store. Impulse shoppers tend to notice product displays close to the checkout lines, which custom retail display manufacturers and store owners alike anticipate. A quality manufacturer can design a display intended for any part of a store, including retail counter spaces. With the right partner, you can work on boosting impulse sales at brick-and-mortar stores.

5. Encourage Commitment and Loyalty

Customers are more likely to buy products they’re familiar with and have had good past experiences finding, buying and using. A product display is the customer’s first impression of a product line, and when customers like its appearance, they spend time looking at your products and getting used to the associated brand identity.

6. Simplify Seasonal Sales

A temporary display is an easy way to show customers what products are hot and new. Organize all of your seasonal products with a temporary display and add print to feature imagery that customers will recognize as symbolic of that time of the year.

Many customers enjoy browsing seasonal items because they’re new and relevant. Certain periods — like the winter holiday season — see an increase in sales. Investing in displays during these periods is a great way to net impulse purchases.

7. Foster a Better Overall Customer Experience

Retail displays create a more engaging experience for shoppers, from seeing the fun designs to having more convenience. These displays give customers the ability to quickly grab a frequently forgotten product without having to exit the checkout line. They also make waiting in line a more interesting shopping experience because they give customers more items to browse.

How Can You Increase Sales at Checkout Counters?

The checkout counter is one of the most popular store locations for product displays. If you design your retail display to make the best use of its location, you can maximize your sales. Below are ways you can set up your product displays for the most productive checkout experience:

1. Target Impulse Buyers

Retail displays are eye-catching when placed near the register and create an impulse inventory for customers who pass through the line. Customers near the cash wrap have already decided to make purchases, so they’re the best possible consumers to target for impulse buying.

You can target impulse shoppers by asking yourself these questions before you set up a display:

  • What products do customers frequently ask sales representatives to help them find?
  • What products do most customers use and frequently run out of if they forget to buy more?
  • What products do many customers want when they notice them?

2. Stock Inexpensive Essential Products

Customers who are already in the checkout line are more likely to impulse buy novelty items, snacks and other inexpensive extras. Make sure you also stock essential products that most households can use to achieve the best possible results. The inventory you have to work with depends on your industry, but all industries sell basic essential products or household favorites.

If you’re unsure of which products to use in the display, stock a universal item like gift cards. Customers have a steady demand for gifts, so gift cards are always needed.

3. Display Special Opportunities

Add signage highlighting any discounts on your display products. Customers are drawn to sales deals, and people are more willing to buy sale items that are within convenient reach of the checkout counter. Promotions of new products are also worth displaying. Customers will investigate products they know are new to see how they compare to older products.

4. Cultivate Loyalty

Loyal customers will return to buy more products. One way to increase the number of return buyers is to set up a rewards program, so the customers who buy your products will know their business is appreciated. Loyalty programs slowly increase sales over time. You can create signage to explain the benefits of joining your loyalty program.

Another way to cultivate loyalty is by providing frequent discounts through giveaway coupons. Customers will hunt for bargains if you guide them.

5. Use Temporary Displays

Using temporary displays allows you to have a high degree of flexibility. You can easily switch out your displays as the season changes or you get new products. These kinds of displays are made from eco-friendly, inexpensive materials like cardboard. When you work with Custom Displays Now to make your temporary display, you have many options for styles and printing.

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