How To Get Your Product Into Big Box Stores: Thank You

Thank you for downloading our guide, How to Get Your Product Into Big Box Stores. As an entrepreneur, you might dream of finding your product on the shelves in stores like Walmart or Target. If you have a great product your customers love, you may be the ideal candidate to supply a major retailer. Getting your product into a big box store takes time and work, but it’s not impossible if you take the right steps. At Creative Displays Now, we’re ready to help you start the process. In this guide, we’ll show you the basics and cover topics such as:

  • Reasons to sell your product in big box stores
  • How to prepare your product for sale in a major retailer
  • The process of becoming a supplier for Walmart, Target and Whole Foods Market
  • How to pitch your product to a major retailer
  • The importance of showcasing your product with a custom display

If you have any questions about attention-grabbing displays or want to learn more about our design process, please reach us today.