Top 5 Ways to Increase Point of Purchase Sales

If you take a look at point of purchase examples from the most successful retailers in the world, chances are that they have a few things in common that your store could benefit greatly from. The point of purchase (or point of sale) area is essentially the space around the checkout stand. Most stores pay at least some special attention to this area with product displays, promotional features and/or information about the company. This area is so very important because it offers retailers one last chance to increase sales, and it holds the power to leave a final impression on customers, whether it be positive or negative. If you want to boost sales and create loyal customers like the retail giants, keep reading and see the top five ways to maximize your store’s point of purchase area.

    1. Make a Connection
      One of the most important functions of a successful point of purchase space is connecting with customers. Product displays in this area should emphasize the usefulness and quality of the merchandise, because chances are people won’t spend as much time thinking about last-minute purchase decisions. It is also essential to consider location. Place products in an easily accessible spot to make it effortless for any customer to grab them. Making sure the customer is well-informed and able to quickly snatch up these items will ensure they feel good about point of purchase sales, and keep them coming back for more.
    2. Get the Spacing Right
      In order to make the most of your point of sale area, it’s important to space things out in an organized and intuitive way. Avoid creating a cluttered space, and instead maximize the space with things like pedestal displays to stock more merchandise and touch-screens to share information as opposed to traditional signs and banners.


  1. Keep Things Fresh
    You simply have to change your product displays on a regular basis in order to keep the space from getting stale and to encourage customers to return and buy new items frequently. Think of new kinds of seasonal displays to introduce throughout the year, which can focus on various holidays or simply items that people might want and need based on the weather that time of year. People like knowing they can find things for the season right next to the register.
  2. Include Promotions Without Being Pushy
    Aside from selling products near the register, you can also make customers aware of various promotions that they may otherwise not have known about or simply forgotten. Whether you want people to know about a sale, upcoming event, store website or any other promotion, this is perhaps the best place to do it.
  3. Take Packaging Seriously
    When choosing products to display at the front of the store and around the registers, it’s important to think about the packaging. If you look at point of purchase examples from successful retailers you will probably notice the packaging of the products in this area is eye-catching, space-saving and easy to restock when needed. It should also offer the essential information people need to decide whether this purchase is right for them.

Follow these simple tips, and you should be well on your way to point of sale success.


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