3 Inspiring Pet Food Display Ideas

When evaluating the audience for your point of sale displays, don’t forget about shoppers in your store who might be pet owners! Not only is the cuteness of our four-legged friends hard to resist, but pet owners are also likely to make more impulsive purchases for their furry friends. It’s up to you to make sure those items are displayed in the most eye-catching ways!

In this article, we’ll show you some of our favorite pet food display ideas, along with other products animals might need. Creative Displays Now’s experts can build almost any brilliant display you have in mind, but if you’re having a little trouble tapping into your creative vision, keep reading to jumpstart your process!

Getting Fancy!
One of our top pet food display examples is the one we designed with Purina, specifically their Fancy Feast products. First of all, we made sure that our graphics communicated exactly what the product was by showing a woman playing with her cat. Plus, we added onto the brand recognition that Purina has already worked so hard to establish by prominently displaying recognized logos and font.

Pet Food Display

But remember, it’s never just about the visual. With this display, we wanted shoppers to be able to create their own “variety pack” of individual cans of food. So, our design included several trays for easy access into the cart, as well as a dispenser that made the product easy to both transport and stock on store shelves. Now that’s efficient and eye-catching!

Getting Royal!
We were thrilled to get to work with Royal Canin, a past Customer of the Month of ours! In creating their display, we made sure that their graphics helped this burgeoning brand build consistency in their logo, display, and even motto. We also wanted to highlight the new and updated texture of their food. And who can resist those big kitty cat eyes?

Cat Food Display

Ideal for countertop sales, this smaller display allowed for shoppers to grab individual cans, a popular sales tactic with newer products. We also made sure they were able to be sorted by flavor, as we know cats are likely picky eaters! The display is durable enough to hold multiple cans, but can also be moved around throughout a store.

Getting Tidy!
For our final pet needs display, let’s check out our work for Tidy Cats, the popular brand of cat litter. We created both a palette display and an endcap display. The pallet display is extra durable and ideal for larger stores with room for a free-standing display. Frequently-purchased items such as cat litter need to be easy for shoppers to locate – and a palette display allows for just that. It also makes shipping the product itself a breeze.

Pet Store Display

Endcap displays will help shoppers to find the litter, as they are designed to be placed on the ends of aisles – typically huge foot traffic areas.

Always keep checking back with our blog for more retail and designer advice. If you would like to learn more about our pet store displays specifically, please contact us.

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