Blockbuster Floor Display Ideas — Literally!

Looking for new inspiration to spice up your floor displays? Take a cue from the silver screen — Hollywood’s cardboard cutouts of popular characters and set pieces from the latest blockbusters may not be trying to sell physical products, but they still stop people in their tracks.

Cardboard Standee Display

Be a #Trendsetter
Take advantage of the social #selfie trend and create a hashtag for your corrugated displays that encourage shoppers to stop and strike a pose. Not only is this essentially free marketing, but Hollywood’s film displays, many of which now sport their own hashtags, have proven this tactic to be very effective. Social media buzz is all but expected from tech-savvy clientele these days. Not to mention, it’s a great way companies and new brands can get to know their client base — all you have to do is check your hashtag to see what your typical customer looks like. Creating a gimmick or reward attached to posts will encourage people to participate, and the return on investment can be huge! Marketing exposure and brand promotion in exchange for a coupon or some other small token can go a long way.

Strike a Pose
These days, movie displays often have an interactive element to them that can really grab a consumer’s attention. A display for the popular movie Dark Shadows included a replica of Johnny Depp’s character’s famous red throne. Not surprisingly, fans lined up to pose and take pictures sitting in it. Other ideas include buttons that customers can press to play a segment of a song associated with a product, a small folder for coupons or discounts upon purchase, or even different textures that all but beg customers to touch the display.

Shape Up!
Another popular tactic used by Hollywood’s biggest display creation stars? Shaping the display like an object related to the movie. How many times can you see a two-dimensional cardboard cutout before it starts to feel humdrum? Switching it up can have a bigger impact than you think. Take the tactic used by the movie Battleship, whose cardboard display was created in the shape of a massive ship. You can do something similar with the products you sell: make a perfume stand in the shape of a brand’s bottle, sell lipsticks in a display that looks like your favorite matte gloss container or sell bandages in a display the shape of a red cross. Remember the importance of color in your choices and design!

Cardboard Movie Display

Take It To Another Dimension
Remember that customers most likely already associate a product with a certain image in their minds — and be sure to play into that like a Hollywood bigwig would. For example, the movie Thor was advertised with a striking, enormous display of just Thor’s hammer. Customers will either recognize the image associated with the product instantly, or they’ll want to know what it symbolizes and step inside to find out!

You don’t need to have the budget of a Hollywood blockbuster to make effective, fun and engaging floor displays. Let us help you to create the perfect vision for your store, one that will stand out and get you and your brand noticed.

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