Design Tips for 3-Tiered Display Stands

Have you ever had high tea at a nice hotel, where you are served macaroons, tea sandwiches, and petit fours on a towering, 3-tiered plate? If you have (and even if you haven’t) you’re probably aware of just how much can fit on these types of stands. So, how can you make the transition from tabletop to storefront? Funny you should ask…we’ve taken the liberty of outlining the many ways you can use a 3 tier display stand in your retail store layout.

3 Tier Floor Display

Uses of a 3-Tiered Display Stand
Before we get to the how of a tiered display, let’s talk about the why.

First of all, these types of retail displays maximize the use of space in your store. You’re building up, not out.

Secondly, tiered displays can make restocking a breeze. Instead of running to the back room to grab more merchandise, often you can just shift the products up a layer, or take some out from the tier you use as storage.

Finally, they’re also ideal for easily separating products by size, and their durability means they can hold a lot of a product.

Custom Counter Display

How to Maximize Your 3-Tier Design
If you’re using a 3-tier stand as a part of your floor display, there are tons of different ways you can go. You can stack the tiers like nesting tables, with one tier neatly fitting into the layer above it, or you can have 3 shelves that are all mostly equal in height and width. Keep in mind that depending on the product, you can make the stand out of a wide variety of materials: cardboard, wood, metal, even found objects! Remember that 3-tiered stands can…

Clear Out Excess StockRemember when you were younger, and you would move the food you didn’t want to eat around on your plate, so it would look like there was less left to eat? The same rule of thumb applies to 3-tiered stands. Chucking excess stock into a display bin not only makes the products more difficult for customers to sort through, it also looks like there’s more of the product left to sell – which could make it appear undesirable. We love the creativity of this design for pet store goods. Clearly, the 3 tiers have been utilized to spread out the store’s excess stock of pet leashes and accessories, but because the layers break up the amounts of the product, it looks as though the item has been a hot seller and that there’s only a few of them left. Plus, the spacing makes it easy for customers to see all the items at once, instead of digging through to find what they want.

Show Off Multiple Products at OnceTiers allow you to group similar products together, creating innovative displays that can also serve as a one-stop-shopping spot for a specific experience. For example, let’s say you want to create a “camping” display. Customers may not even know what products they’ll need for a weekend in the woods. Now, you can group what your customers are likely to need and have all your camping products together, creating a “packing list” to top the display. One level could have flashlights, batteries, and bug spray. The next, canteens and water bottles. The top could be camping cutlery, silverware, and mugs. And it’s all in one easy-to-find location for your customers, meaning they’re likely to buy more since they won’t become exhausted searching for what they think they need around the entire store.

Work as POP DisplaysWe love this mini 3-tiered design for storing rings and other jewelry. Though the design may be unexpected, it would look elegant sitting atop a cash register, helping to encourage impulse buys. The type of product chosen works well, too, as most customers can’t resist trying on the rings while their purchase is being packed and rung up. The tiers also mean that the rings (or product of your choice) can be sorted by size, color, and even style. Plus, filling the tiers with rice helps the display look fuller, even though not many rings are actually on display. You can always fill your tiers with colorful tissue paper, smooth pebbles, or marbles to help lift products right to the top and help them pop.

Display Prototype

Now that you have these killer tips on how to make a 3-tiered stand work in your store, why not get started? These displays help you make the most of your space, house excess inventory, and make it easier for your customers to find what they’re looking for.

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