7 Tips for Creating Successful Holiday Retail Displays

Displaying your products in unique, captivating ways is always a recipe for success. Some of the best times to let your creativity shine is during the holidays! Over holiday periods, customers are more likely to spend, stock up and take full advantage of seasonal offerings. With a clever corrugated cardboard display, you can tie your products to the holiday spirit and create effective holiday marketing strategies.

Being prepared is one of the most important elements of creating holiday retail displays. Much holiday shopping happens weeks and even months before the actual holiday. It is never too early to plan ahead, and with these seven tips for creating successful holiday displays, you can create a seamless campaign that is ready for peak shopping seasons.

The Importance of Retail Holiday Displays for Your Products

Displaying your products year-round is crucial, as is creating fresh displays that capture the holidays and keep your product relevant. There are several benefits of creating seasonal retail displays:

  • Increase brand awareness: Seasonal displays highlight your products, creating brand awareness. Corrugated cardboard displays with clever holiday themes increase your product’s visibility, which is often the most critical step.
  • Attract foot traffic: You can attract new customers with clever holiday displays highlighting your brand’s creativity and relevance. Holiday periods are often the busiest times for retail, and stores enjoy a noticeable increase in foot traffic. Take full advantage by displaying your products when shops are at their busiest.
  • Keep products stocked: Holiday displays lend themselves to helping keep your product stocked. It shows that your product is in tune with both seasonal and long-term needs.
  • Encourage impulse buys: Seasonal displays can help you boost your profits significantly. Customers are more likely to make impulse buys during holidays, and unique, holiday-themed displays can drive this instinct.
  • Improve the shopping experience: Seasonal displays can enhance customers’ perception of your brand. They display your relevance and creativity and show you are in tune with what your buyers want.

7 Tips for Designing Holiday Retail Displays

Impulse purchases in stores go up during the holidays. While this is a great statistic to remember when you design displays for your products, you should not rely solely on chance. Having seasonal point-of-purchase (POP) displays for your products during peak shopping times effectively drives sales. Follow these seven tips for creating successful holiday retail displays for more profitable marketing campaigns:

  1. Plan ahead: Planning your display is the first and most critical step. You need sufficient time to design your display, print samples and ship them to the stores you partner with well before the actual holiday arrives. You may also need to discuss display location and other logistics with retailers.
  2. Play with lighting: You can literally shine a light on your products by incorporating lighting into your corrugated cardboard displays. Lighting immediately draws in the eye and sparks curiosity, helping more customers visit your stand.
  3. Choose colors wisely: The psychology of color is very real, and it’s a great way to tap into the spirit of the holidays and build brand identity. Explore different ways you can match your brand’s colors with colors associated with various holidays. Select soft pastels for spring holidays and warm, rich earth tones for fall.
  4. Play with holiday imagery: Holiday imagery is easily recognizable, so using that imagery in your displays is an effective way of highlighting the relevancy of your product and drawing customers to your display. For example, Christmas displays might feature trees, mistletoe, ornaments, stockings, reindeer and snow.
  5. Appeal to emotions and nostalgia: Most people have strong emotions attached to various holidays. Tapping into this nostalgia is an age-old marketing strategy since it’s a powerful way of connecting with customers on the deepest level. A display that uses retro designs or invites customers to continue traditions can create a strong correlation between seasonal needs and your products.
  6. Keep it simple: The holidays certainly inspire an overflow of creativity, so the hardest part of designing your display may be keeping it simple! Settle on only one or two standout features that tie the holidays into your display so you do not overwhelm your customers. For example, rather than listing every feature of your product, market it as the perfect gift that people can purchase for family and friends.
  7. Choose corrugated cardboard displays: Though peak seasons are powerful times for holiday retail marketing, they are also fleeting. Choosing corrugated cardboard displays is a smart move since they are completely customizable, temporary and affordable.

Popular Holiday Displays

Explore these different ideas for eye-catching displays for every holiday:

  • Easter store displays: Easter appeals particularly to Christian families and those with young children. Photo ops with the Easter Bunny, Easter egg hunts and other fun family activities fill the season. Some creative ideas you could add to your Easter displays include having cardboard baskets filled with prop Easter eggs and samples of your product. Be colorful and playful with your displays to appeal to the springtime nature of Easter.
  • Retail Halloween displays: Halloween is the perfect time to go all out with your retail displays! You can go all out with eye-catching displays that evoke fantasy and imagination. Think of Halloween displays for stores as the perfect opportunity to cosplay your products — they will really stand out! Take advantage of the vivid and contrasting colors typically associated with Halloween, including green, yellow, black and purple.
  • Thanksgiving displays: Thanksgiving is all about the food! If you are in the food industry, Thanksgiving is one of the best times to market your products. Families will be stocking up on all those holiday essentials and looking forward to Black Friday sales. No matter what product you manufacture, you can appeal to customers with custom displays that highlight giving thanks and connect your product to that feeling.
  • Christmas retail displays: At the end of 2023, retail spending went up by 3.1%, showing that Christmas is undoubtedly one of the most important holidays for retailers. Design displays that kindle feelings of cheerful, childlike wonder of this special season and make people think of home, comfort and family. Christmas product displays can feature traditional designs or your own unique spin on the classics.

Custom Retail Displays for Every Holiday From Creative Designs Now!

Holidays are perfect for refreshing your displays and highlighting your products at a time when customers are more likely to purchase. 

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