Harnessing Pallet Skirts for Club Store Success

Shopping in-store allows customers to get a product immediately, leverage customer services and explore other items in the same product range. These reasons prove why 73% of consumers would still buy items in brick-and-mortar retail spaces.

Custom pallet skirts enhance the in-store shopping experience by showcasing your brand and making your products more accessible. Learn how leveraging a unique pallet skirt display helps to boost your sales.

What Is a Pallet Skirt?

A pallet skirt is typically a corrugated cardboard structure that wraps around a wooden pallet. It advertises your products while concealing an otherwise unsightly display base.

Cardboard pallet skirts are customizable, allowing you to tailor the colors, images and messaging to your brand.

Why Do Pallet Displays Work So Well in Club Stores?

Club stores — such as Costco, Sam’s Club and BJ’s Wholesale Club — require members to pay an annual fee to access their retail services. Custom pallet skirts do particularly well in these stores for the five core reasons:

  • Strategic product placement: Club stores are generally expansive retail spaces filled with every product you can imagine. Point-of-purchase (POP) displays such as pallet skirts help to position your products in a customer’s path for increased exposure.
  • Offer product information: From pricing to product details, cardboard pallet skirts provide valuable information to motivate sales.
  • Large-format advertising: Printed pallet skirts are similar to billboards, providing a large-scale advertising format. Customers are more likely to see these displays, even from the other end of the aisle.
  • Accelerated product sales: The combination of effective product placement and attractive advertising helps to boost sales.
  • Superior protection: Products travel great distances across state lines before they arrive in-store. Pallet skirts offer an extra layer of protection during transit.

5 Design Tips for Effective Pallet Skirts

One of the top benefits of pallet skirts is that you can tailor them to your products and brand. Use these five design tips to help you create eye-catching displays.

1. Use Bold Colors

Whether you highlight your brand colors or reflect the hues of a specific product, bold pallet designs ensure your items stand out. Products that are easy to see in busy club stores are more likely to attract customer attention.

When choosing colors for your custom pallet skirt, remember the concept of color psychology. This theory relies on the notion that certain colors influence human behavior. For example, warm yellow hues are often associated with positivity, while cool blues and greens reflect calmness. According to The University of Southern California, color psychology plays a strong role in marketing, impacting brand loyalty and buying behavior.

2. Keep Your Message Concise

When contemplating a product purchase, customers consider various factors, such as price, nutritional information and sustainability. While including all these details on your printed pallet skirt may be tempting, simple designs are easier for customers to notice from afar.

Prioritize the information most crucial for a sale, and keep your messaging concise. Including icons — such as Made in the USA — helps to deliver extra information to customers.

3. Humanize Your Brand

Other companies likely sell products similar to yours — so why should customers support your brand? Telling your brand’s story helps to communicate the vision behind your company, giving consumers more reason to purchase your products.

Use images and short taglines to reflect the origins of your business, the people pivotal to your success and any other details that give your brand an edge. Another option is adding a customized QR code to your pallet skirt display, enabling customers to experience digital storytelling.

4. List Product Features

Give customers more reasons to add your product to their cart by listing unique features. Product details that indicate quality, ease of maintenance and user-friendly designs help to enhance an item’s value. Similarly, cardboard pallet skirts provide the ideal canvas for product guidelines. Including essential information, such as age restrictions and dietary facts, helps to ensure a better customer experience.

When conveying product features and guidelines, use bulleted lists to prevent cluttering your design with too much information.

5. Choose Captivating Images

Images are a highly effective way to capture a customer’s attention — especially when they are standing several feet away. You can build brand recognition and product awareness by including large images of your product, your logo and other relevant graphics.

In creating your pallet design, remember to use negative space to your advantage. Ensuring your images are contrasted with empty spaces achieves maximum impact.

What Products Are Best Suited for a Pallet Skirt Display?

From soda bottles and candy to toys and hardware, most product categories work well with a pallet display. Here are some examples of how to use custom pallet skirts:

  • New product launches: Pallet skirts provide a stage for new products, piquing customer interest. They’re also an effective way to convey information about new varieties on the market.
  • Impulse purchase items: By placing your pallet displays near the check-out queue, you can entice customers to add candy, gum or other impulse buys to their basket.
  • Promotional items: A printed pallet skirt featuring your logo and brand colors provides the best platform for promotional products.
  • Sale items: Gathering all the discounted items in one neat display helps inform savvy shoppers of current sales.
  • Bestsellers: Creating a specialized pallet display for bestselling products enables customers to locate them in the store conveniently. In addition, pallet skirts can outline product features to explain the product’s popularity.
  • Gift sets: Seasonal displays such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas-themed designs help to draw attention to bespoke gift sets.

Customize Printed Pallet Skirts With Creative Displays Now!

If you plan to market your products in a club store, you need a creative strategy to ensure they stand out from the competition. Cardboard pallet skirts offer the ultimate solution, attracting maximum customer attention and delivering valuable information. They’re also a more sustainable option, enabling you to recycle your wrap at the end of its life cycle.

By partnering with Creative Displays Now, you leverage the expertise of over 60 structural engineers. Their talent and in-depth knowledge of club store compliance guidelines help you ensure the best pallet displays for your products. You can customize your pallet skirt for success by matching the display colors to your brand and including high-quality images. Contact our expert team today to get started on your project!

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