Types of Point-of-Purchase Displays

When it comes to making a sale, every business has to find ways to stand out from the competition. Persuading shoppers to pick your product requires grabbing their attention and demonstrating why your brand is the superior choice. Point-of-purchase (POP) displays offer a simple strategy to accomplish this goal.

Of course, there’s more than one type of POP display style to choose from. From temporary fixtures to permanent structures, each POP display type offers unique business benefits. Learn more about each style — and how to use it to your advantage — below.

What Are the Types of Point-of-Purchase Displays?

There are several types of POP displays, depending on their permanency and marketing goals. The types are flexible and customizable, so brands can optimize brand awareness and sales across locations.

You can further customize your display with different types of POP material, allowing you to support and highlight different products and branding materials. Before choosing a POP material type and style, consider factors like your budget, the length of time you plan to promote a product, the products you want to present and the consumer audience you’re trying to reach. These factors will shape which type of POP display is the right fit for your needs.

1. Floor Displays

Floor displays sit on the floor throughout store locations and aisles to bring more attention to specific products and brands. They bring items to eye level, so they effectively catch the attention of customers as they explore their options.

This display choice is excellent for complementary products, highlighting products that go well with shelved items customers might be looking for. Because they stand out and are easier to notice, they sell better than other products.

These POP displays are highly customizable to fit your branding needs and specific products. You can use hooks to hang products or crate stackers to bring products to eye level and support the weight of different products.

2. Counter Displays

Counter POP displays are commonly used on countertops by checkout, where customers are more likely to make last-minute impulse purchases. They’re flat units that allow brands to display a small selection of products. When paired with brightly colored packaging and display designs, your brand can effectively get the attention of customers preparing to buy items.

Counter displays usually benefit everyday items and seasonal products. Some items that do well here include candy, chapstick, lighters, hand sanitizer and gum.

3. Endcap Displays

Endcaps sit at the end of aisles with unique displays that represent your branding standards and needs. They’re very effective because of their placement and the ability to make them so eye-catching. Endcap displays increase sales because they can attract customers who might not go down aisles where your full selection is stocked.

This POP display type is ideal for temporary solutions, like themed promotions and sales. You can group similar products together to help customers quickly find the items they need for upcoming holidays and events, like Valentine’s Day, the Super Bowl and back to school. Customers will have a better customer experience when they don’t have to go searching for what they need.

4. Sidekick Displays

A sidekick display is a popular kind of retail display that can hang from store aisles or the side of an end cap. These displays, also known as power wings, can be an eye-catching advertising tool.

Your brand can use custom designs to make sidekick displays stand out in stores and create a more interactive experience for shoppers. Because these displays tend to go to the most highly-trafficked areas of a retail store, they can boost brand awareness.

5. Inline Displays

Inline displays go on shelves and effectively organize products in stacks and rows to optimize the available retail space. This type of display is best suited for small items.

One of the best uses of inline displays is advertising new and seasonal products. Brands can use creative designs to capture consumer attention and drive impulse purchases.

6. Gravity Feed Displays

Another popular type of retail display is a gravity feed display. These displays are great merchandising tools, as they keep products organized in a functional and beautiful way.

The sloped shelves in a gravity feed display help your selection always look fully stocked. As a consumer removes a product from the front of the display, the next item falls into place.

Benefits of temporary pop displays

The Benefits of Temporary POP Displays

Different types of POP displays can meet many marketing and sales goals, helping increase sales and brand visibility for products.

Brands can use various materials to create permanent, semi-permanent or temporary retail displays. Choosing temporary options made from corrugated cardboard can be especially advantageous for businesses.

Some key benefits of temporary POP displays include:

  • Increasing brand and product awareness: Because POP displays put your products in the line of sight of customers, you can use these displays to increase brand recognition and awareness. The flexibility and customization of POP displays allow you to integrate key branding elements, like colors, logos, fonts and slogans, into the design, so customers can better remember and recognize products later.
  • Highlighting promotions: Temporary POP displays are easy to set up and dismantle, making them ideal for highlighting limited campaigns and deals. Whether you’re launching a new product or offering discounted goods, POP displays help bring more attention to your brand to increase interaction during the promotion’s duration.
  • Catering to seasonal needs and habits: The design customization and easy assembly of temporary POP displays help brands cater to seasonal campaigns and marketing. You can design displays that reflect different holidays while increasing accessibility and awareness of your products.
  • Testing tactics and products: When launching new campaigns or products, you can use POP displays to better understand customer habits and preferences. The sales from POP displays can help brands understand if new marketing, design and sales tactics are reaching and appealing to their target audiences.

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