Chapter 4: Utilize Endcaps and Power Wing Displays

Various displays can help you take your product advertising to the next level. Endcaps and power wing displays can advertise your merchandise, regardless of what you’re selling. You can customize these displays to fit your design needs, helping promote your brand and product.

Learn more about these two types of displays and how you can effectively use them to catch customers’ attention and generate revenue successfully.

What Is an Endcap Display?

When you walk down an aisle at specific retailers, you’ve likely noticed displays at the end of the aisle with products similar to those you just passed. These displays are called endcap displays and often show examples of products down a specific aisle to help customers know what to expect or to encourage them to continue down those aisles. These displays also hold temporary promotional items, such as buy one, get one deal.

Retailers and businesses often use endcaps because the products on these displays sell faster than those down the aisle. The displays stand out compared to products down the aisle and make items easy for shoppers to grab as they continue throughout the store.

Even if customers don’t enter a specific aisle, they’ll still see your product because they must pass by the endcap display to get to other parts of the store. Many products can be on endcap displays, such as new launch or promotional items, seasonal products, clearance items and featured store items.

What Is a Power Wing Display?

Power wing or sidekick displays help stores maximize their space while displaying products. You can often find these displays in areas with the highest traffic, such as the checkout lines or along popular aisles. These displays aim to increase impulse buys, test out the success of a specific product or clear out inventory within a particular amount of time.

These displays can have shelves, feed slides or baskets or be completely standalone. Power wing displays are an excellent way to promote as many products as possible while using little space. Even with the thin displays, you can use the space for graphics and imagery to promote your products and brand.

The Benefits of Endcap and Power Wing Displays

Endcap and power wing displays have multiple applications in retail stores along with numerous benefits, including the following:

  • Increased sales: Products on endcap or power wing displays often sell better than those down that aisle since they are exposed to more traffic and showcase creative, eye-catching graphics. These displays also make it seem like these products have additional value, convincing customers to purchase them over something down the aisle or while headed to other store areas.
  • Product awareness: People who go to the store don’t always shop through every aisle. Endcap and power wings displays allow retailers to bring attention to your products, whether customers walk down specific aisles or not.
  • Cross-merchandising: You can place complementary products next to each other on endcap and power wing displays, making it more likely for customers to buy multiple items. For example, you may sell laptops and laptop accessories. The endcap or power wing displays can feature your laptop while selling various accessories, such as mice, mouse pads, keyboards and headphones.
  • Drive impulse purchase: Endcaps and power wing displays are particularly useful for driving impulse purchases. These displays are often located in high-traffic areas of a retail store, so you can include items that people usually wouldn’t see unless they walked down the aisle. You can also include items people may forget or things that people often buy on a whim or after a reminder, such as candy, drinks, cosmetics or batteries.

Power wing and endcap displays are most effective at promoting smaller items that complement one another or promotional items. For example, power wing displays are smaller and often promote candy, snacks or small accessories close to the checkout line. Endcap displays help promote items that people can find down different aisles without making it necessary for customers to travel down these aisles. These items can include bulk products, clearance items and seasonal products.

How to Optimize Your Endcap and Sidekick Displays

Optimizing your endcap and power wing displays can help you catch customers’ attention and drive sales. Follow these tips to help you create effective displays for your products:

  • Choose bold colors and eye-catching designs: Dull displays that fall into the background are not likely to catch the attention of passing customers. Design your displays to include exciting graphics and bold colors to grab customers’ attention. The more visually appealing your endcap display is, the more customers will likely notice and stop to look at your products.
  • Located displays near complementary items: Locating displays beside complementary items is a great way to encourage impulse buys. A shopper may have forgotten something or may be intrigued by your product since they’re already looking for something that complements it well. For example, if you sell cosmetics, you can have endcap or sidekick displays near a retailer’s hair or nail care aisle since people in that location are already shopping for self-care items.
  • Refresh displays with new items and designs every few weeks: Refreshing your design is essential to gaining customers’ attention. Older design can fall into the background, especially for regular customers who’ve gotten used to your display. Changing it up can catch their attention again. You should also change your display when you have new products.
  • Follow retailer rules and specifications: All retailers have specific rules about the displays you can use in their stores, and you should learn them before creating your displays. Once you know these rules, you can create your display within these specifications, ensuring that they’ll get approved and you can promote your product in their stores.

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