How Brochures Holders Can Promote Your High-End Items

Brochure holders may hold the key to marketing your high-end items, but only if you design and display them strategically. High-ticket products such as sports cars, Swiss watches, and designer handbags are often featured alongside brochure holders. This is nothing new. If your company is in the business of selling high-end items with big price tags, brochures are the perfect way to set yourself apart from the competition. Here are some essential steps to promote your high-end items with a winning brochure and eye-catching display.


Brochure Holder Display

Design a Brochure That Sells an Experience
When you’re designing brochures, think first about the experience you’re selling. People likely know what the product is, and if they’re reading the brochure, they’re probably already interested in buying a specific type of product. Your customers probably aren’t very interested in seeing a long list of technical features. If they want that, they can find it on their own, but you’ll sell more units by designing a brochure that shows the kind of people who use the product and the kind of experience they have with it – which should be a luxurious and exclusive experience that’s worth the money.

Utilize Stunning Pictures and Graphics
Photos tell a much better story than words do when it comes to high-end items. High quality photos really are the best way you can sell an experience. By showing people relaxing, enjoying themselves, looking fashionable, and/or living a better life than the rest of the crowd, you communicate a sense of exclusivity that sets your product apart without saying a single word.

Avoid Industry Jargon at All Costs
While pictures ought to be the focus of your brochures, you’ll still need to do some talking to get your point across. The mistake many companies make here is boring potential customers with an overuse of industry jargon. Remember you’re selling an experience, which means using descriptive words that explain how this product will make your customers feel. Jargon, on the other hands, will take readers away from the experience and create a sense of distance.

Leave the Price Out of the Brochures
If you’re selling a high-end item with a big price tag, you want to attract people you know can afford the item. There are some theories in marketing that say stating the price “cheapens” your item. If a customer is truly interested, they will ask you, allowing you to engage and begin the sales process. And remember, your ideal customers are those who aren’t concerned about the price, after all.

Display Your Brochures Beautifully
After all the work that has gone into designing and producing a beautiful set of brochures to promote your high-end items, don’t spoil it with a lackluster display. Sturdy, attractive, eye-catching brochure holders are the icing on the cake and make it easier for your potential customers to see your display, creating a spark of interest.
The right brochure can go a long way, but the wrong brochure or even a poorly displayed set of brochures will leave your salespeople spinning their wheels. So follow the above steps and see how your sales increase.

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