Creativity & Direct Customer Interaction in Retail Displays

Corporate giants like Apple have garnered worldwide acclaim for the production values and advertising campaigns associated with their elite products. The show-stopping displays and visual images created by Apple promotional teams have become iconic examples of cutting-edge advertising. Industry leaders are eagerly awaiting the arrival of new premium retail display designs intended to showcase the numerous accessories and devices in Apple’s lineup. One hallmark of the new designs will be all-white packaging for third-party accessories to be carried in Apple stores; this is expected to create a more uniform and elegant look for in-store displays.


Presentation Is the Key to Appeal
Along with the new requirements for third-party accessory packaging, Apple also announced that it will be reducing the number of third-party products carried in its stores and will be focusing on a selection of fewer but higher quality accessories. Apple’s success can be traced in part to its exceptional presentation skills and the quality of its advertising and marketing campaigns. Smaller businesses can learn much by taking a page from the Apple playbook and enhancing their retail displays to promote a premium look and feel for their products.

Every Detail Matters
A 2012 article published in Forbes outlined the meticulous approach to displays in Apple Retail stores. All notebooks, for example, are displayed with screens positioned at precisely the same angle using an iPhone app. This is all part of the touted ownership experience first implemented by Steve Jobs and continued throughout the history of the Apple brand. By creating a uniform and welcoming experience for customers, Apple has achieved unparalleled brand loyalty in the U.S. and global marketplaces.

Renovations Also Underway
As Apple continues to open new stores, it is also planning renovations to 20 existing retail outlets to bring them up to the new standards being implemented across Apple Retail in the U.S. Redesigning and reinventing these spaces to increase their appeal will undoubtedly boost interest among consumers browsing the available options in the high-tech marketplace. Perhaps the most important elements of success for companies like Build-A-Bear Workshops and Apple, however, are the friendly, hands-on experiences provided by these business enterprises for customers of all ages. Children and adults alike are encouraged to play with the items on display to create a truly immersive experience for visitors to these stores.

By creating premium retail display setups that highlight the selling points of your company’s products and creating interactive opportunities for consumers, you can enjoy greater brand loyalty and engagement with your most likely audiences and demographics. Making it easy for potential customers to identify the advantages of your products and services by providing hands-on experiences has been a cornerstone of major corporate branding initiatives and can generate similar responses for your own business endeavors.

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