Innovation in Corrugated Displays – They’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

Since a lot of products are packaged in thin, flexible containers with or without plastic support inside, protecting these items on the way to market is essential to reduce breakage and ensure optimal presentation and visual appeal for the consumer. Beyond the shipping factor, products need to be protected once they’re featured in retail environments. Display units should shield these products from accidental damage. Modern innovation in corrugated displays has provided added protection for fragile or breakable items while ensuring the most positive response from consumers in retail stores. Corrugated cardboard products can be manufactured from recycled materials, making them a green-friendly addition to any packaging process or display marketing campaign. Here are three major benefits of corrugated displays for snack manufacturers and distributors in the modern retail environment.

Corrugated Display

#1. Printed Displays Offer Greater Appeal
Once dull and largely uninteresting, new brilliant and colorful corrugated cardboard displays can catch the eye of the consumer in retail settings and can serve as an added front for your advertising and marketing campaigns. Placing your company name, logo and brand information in clear view of customers who are in the market to buy products can make a significant difference in your sales and profits in retail environments. Be sure to work with a knowledgeable design and manufacturing firm to ensure the highest quality and most durable displays for your products. This can reduce the overall cost of these units while providing you with the most advanced innovation in corrugated displays and upright cardboard containers.

#2. Corrugated Cardboard Balances Durability with Weight and Cost
Rugged corrugated displays offer real protection for items even when bumped by a shopping cart or customer in crowded retail stores. By reducing the weight necessary to provide sturdy support for products, manufacturers and distributors can significantly lower their overhead costs associated with these display units when compared with comparable wooden or plastic options. This can provide real financial help for smaller businesses and can allow them to claim premium locations in retail outlets by creating their own version of shelf space in groceries, convenience stores and other direct-to-consumer venues.

#3. Cardboard Makes It Easy to Go Green
One of the most important signs of innovation in corrugated displays is the increasing use of recycled materials to manufacture these units. This green-friendly approach to product presentation can have a positive impact on consumers interested in taking an environmentally responsible approach to food shopping. Companies that practice green-friendly policies when packaging and presenting their products can often increase their market share and improve their position in the competitive marketplace.

Corrugated cardboard is already a widely used reliable and cost-effective material for packing and shipping. By integrating it into the existing display and in-store marketing plan for your company, you can reach a wider range of customers at the point of sale and marketplace.

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