Retail Specific Displays For Club Stores


For over 50 years, Creative Displays Now has produced point-of-purchase displays, counter displays, cardboard displays, and several other displays for major retailers. Here are two effective displays used in warehouse club stores.

Custom Cardboard Floor Display


The Custom Cardboard Floor Display and the packaging was designed and created for Rosetta Stone to be sold in club stores across the country. By taking advantage of unique printing capabilities, Creative Displays ensured that the Rosetta Stone captured consumers’ attention.

Club Store Pallet Retail Display


Logitech worked with Creative Displays to create and launch this simple, yet aggressive display to be placed in membership stores. Every detail from the retail blister packaging to the straight forward approach of the Club Store Pallet Display was designed to entice consumers to make a quick evaluation and purchase.

Creative Displays Now, a division of Great Northern Corporation, recently won six awards at GlobalShop 2013, including the Gold Award. Check out more of our award winning displays.

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