Inspire Shoppers Using Corrugated Cardboard Displays

Corrugated cardboard is one of the most practical and versatile materials available for your displays. In the supermarket environment, your display can showcase your products to capture both types of consumers:

  • List shoppers who are looking for products in your specific category
  • Impulse buyers who can be swayed by an appealing presentation

By designing your corrugated display to appeal to each of these groups, you can snag a larger percentage of grocery shoppers while building your brand name and your reputation in this important venue. Here are four key tips for making the most of your supermarket displays and presentation units.

Cardboard Grocery Display Bin

Color Counts
Nothing attracts attention more effectively than a splash of bright color. Incorporating this concept into your endcap and freestanding displays can help you capture your fair share of the impulse buyer market. This strategy can also boost visibility for your products among buyers looking for the best options in a particular category. Selecting colors that match or complement your corporate logo and graphic designs can provide support for your branding efforts in the supermarket environment.

Location, Location, Location
Studies have shown that the location of your display can have a significant effect on its overall success. Positions at the end of aisles or at the front of the store can provide increased visibility for both types of shoppers. Organized shoppers are more likely to see and purchase your brand for items they already intend to buy. For impulse buyers, the ready availability of these products can inspire added purchases and increased visibility to generate more sales in the future.

While the look and the location of your displays is important, ensuring that your units can stand up to use and abuse in the retail environment is critical to protect your products. Rugged cardboard displays are also more likely to achieve coveted endcap and front-of-store locations thanks to their lightweight and ease of use. By investing in durable corrugated cardboard, you can create sturdy displays that can promote your products for the duration of your marketing campaign.

Retail Packaging

The overall design of your display can provide the extra appeal needed to jump-start your sales among methodical shoppers and impulse buyers alike. At Creative Displays Now, we specialize in creating original designs that make your products stand out from the crowd. By selecting a unique design that reflects the heart and soul of your product lineup, you can build your brand while increasing revenues for your company.

By implementing these four basic concepts into your overall display strategy, you can maximize your appeal among these two basic categories of modern shoppers. Impulse buyers can be drawn in by bold colors and innovative designs, while list shoppers may select your products in preference to your competitors thanks to your carefully planned-out displays.

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