Corrugated Cardboard Displays Vs Permanent Displays

In the world of brick and mortar retail, displays are a fact of life. If you’re selling, you’ve got to be showing.

Okay, so you know you need displays, now what? Where do you go from here? How do you know if you should invest in permanent, or stick with customizable corrugated cardboard displays? What factors go into this decision? Before you go busting out your power drill and start screwing shelves into the walls, let’s look a bit more in depth at the differences of the two.

Corrugated Cardboard Displays
Corrugated DisplayPoint of purchase (POP) displays are light-weight, durable, often temporary and, from a branding perspective, totally customizable. They’re custom-designed and manufactured with your precise product in mind, so they can be used to perfectly display everything from sunscreen to soda pop – and just about anything in between! They can be easily moved around and set up throughout your store, and there is a huge variety in basic style. Custom displays can be:

  • Floor displays
  • Counter displays
  • Pallet displays
  • Endcap displays
  • Power wing/sidekick displays
  • Display bins/case stackers
  • Inline displays
  • Brochure holders

Permanent Displays
Permanent Retail DisplayFrom free-standing shelving units to bolted-to-the-walls display shelves, to creative hanging apparatuses, there’s no limit to how you construct your permanent displays in your store. And the material-possibilities to build them are endless – wood, steel or metal, plastic, you can get as creative as you want when making your store displays. After all, permanent displays and store fixtures are an extension of your branding, really. The look and feel of your store, the “vibe,” if you will, has a lot to do with the ultimate customer experience. And we all know, one way to keep them coming back is to give them an experience they won’t forget. Making your displays pretty and interesting and creative (not to mention convenient!) is one way to do this.

So…which is better…corrugated cardboard displays or permanent???
Before you can determine which type of display is “better,” you need to first assess your needs.

  • Is branding important to you?
    • Corrugated cardboard displays are easy to customize and brand as part of the display.
    • Permanent displays are often branded through removable, secondary pieces like stand-up signage the product manufacturer may supply.
  • Will you swap out or move your displays?
    • Corrugated cardboard displays are generally thought of as “temporary,” and most times wouldn’t be reused. They’re (when not full) lightweight and easy to move around your store, and can be broken down completely to make room for a new display in no time at all.
    • Permanent displays can be cleared and restocked, offering life-time display capability, but seriously limiting your branding opportunities. They’re generally not movable, but some can be relocated throughout your store in between campaigns.
  • Are you using your displays for seasonal marketing campaigns?
    • Corrugated cardboard displays are perfect for this! As summer gives way to fall, simply order a new, custom, perfect-to-hold your fall merchandise display and you’re ready!
    • Permanent displays can take more time and thought to use seasonally, and you likely will need to order or design aspects to accentuate your merch to give it a seasonal feel. Additionally, you’ll need to think about storage – if you’re spending the money to buy seasonal items to stage your display, you’ll want to store them about 9 months out of the year in between seasons. Do you have space?
  • Are you creative when it comes to spatial design and aesthetics?
    • Corrugated cardboard displays have the huge benefit of taking the design work out of the look and feel of your display. Display companies can print and wrap branding so your display is product-specific and ready to hit the floor as soon as it’s delivered and filled with items for sale.
    • Permanent displays often take time and forethought to set up. If you’re not the creative type and have a hard time visualizing from conception to reality, permanent displays can be a frustrating challenge you have to overcome multiple times a year.

The decision to utilize corrugated cardboard displays or permanent structures in your store may seem overwhelming at first, especially for new businesses. It can be hard to anticipate the pros and cons of going either route. But as with anything, knowledge is power…so really think about the points above to help you determine which style display is best for your needs. It may turn out that you use a combination of the two styles, which is perfectly fine too!

And if you’re still not sure…reach out online to Creative Displays Now or call us at 1-855-284-6922 to create your next POP display – we love helping clients design perfect displays every time!

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