Top Five Point of Purchase Displays for the Holidays

The holiday season represents a major source of income for many retail outlets and manufacturing firms. At Creative Displays Now, we specialize in providing the best support for holiday marketing with exquisite and effective end-cap units and point of purchase displays designed to provide maximum visibility for your products and increased brand recognition for your company. We have a proven reputation for innovation and excellence in the display industry. Here are five of our best and most acclaimed holiday displays.

POP Display #1: Cars 2 Toys for Disney and Pixar Pictures – Targeting Younger Demographics
Our eye-catching display combines clear blue skies in the background with a standout cardboard display board that shows the main characters of this popular series and the Cars 2 logo. This standup display unit also includes right-sized cardboard slots that can hold a number of toy cars of different types. The bright colors and innovative designs of the Cars 2 Toys displays are intended to appeal to the target demographic of these products, which typically includes children under the age of 12. By creating a character-driven display, Disney and Pixar were able to achieve higher saturation in the retail environment.

Custom POP Display

POP Display #2: Interactive Stand-Alone for Goal Zero – Hands-On Experiences for Customers
Interactive displays are gaining in popularity among consumers. These technologically advanced marketing tools provide added opportunities for product manufacturers in the retail marketplace. Our Goal Zero interactive floor display offered touch-and-play capabilities to allow consumers to get the total hands-on experience when exploring Goal Zero products. The company is a leading manufacturer of rechargeable and green-friendly equipment for environmentally conscious consumers. By providing consumers with an engaging and interactive experience, Goal Zero was able to achieve a fourfold increase in its sales in the retail environment.

Interactive POP Display

POP Display #3: Kraft Easy Cheese Display – Eye-Catching and Unique Design
Especially around the holidays, appealing and innovative displays can attract consumers in the frame of mind to buy snack foods for friends and family. The Creative Displays Now team designed a clever and attractive display that mimicked the shape of the Easy Cheese container to create real visual appeal for holiday shoppers. The bright blue top and high weight capacity of this iconic display made it a standout performer in the retail environment and ensured higher sales and visibility for this important element in the Kraft brand lineup. See more about this display in our case studies.

Custom POP Display - Kraft

POP Display #4: Custom Etsy Displays – Made to Be Photographed
Creative Displays Now has had the opportunity to work with some of the most creative independent entrepreneurs at Etsy, an innovative marketplace for handmade items. By creating elegant display units for candles and other unique handcrafted products, we have been able to provide a showcase for holiday sales and promotional campaigns offered by these creative individuals.


POP Display #5: 3M Take Note of Color Endcap – Dramatic Hues Enhance Appeal
The Creative Displays Team received top honors at the 2013 Shopper Marketing Expo in Chicago, Illinois, for its 3M Take Note of Color display. This endcap unit featured brilliant primary colors and a paint-based theme to highlight the many Post-it varieties available for customers. A splash of color is a must to draw attention and enhance appeal for your POP displays and products during the upcoming holiday season.


By taking cues from these proven performers, your company can make a positive impact on customers in the holiday retail environment.

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