What Are the Most Effective Holiday Retail Displays?

It’s that time of year again and retailers are striving to implement the most effective holiday retail displays to boost sales and create a welcoming seasonal spirit. Point-of-sale displays are the most common choice for retailers during the holidays, but there are also many options for displaying seasonal merchandise throughout the store. The following list includes some of the most successful types of in-store displays that retailers have used during the holidays:

Festive Life-Size Versions of the Products on Display
Using a life-size cardboard version of the product on display is an increasingly popular option in retail settings during the holidays. Take, for example, a premium vodka manufacturer that recently offered its product in a blue velvet gift bag for the holidays. The company promoted their product in stores with a display shaped like a giant bottle of the seasonal edition, in the blue bag, with mistletoe tied around the top. Customers passing this display would see the life-size version, with the mistletoe that conjures up images of parties and fun, long before they see the actual bottles for sale.

Displays That Call Attention to Seasonality of Products
It’s common to see new products hit the shelves for a limited time during the holidays, as well as “seasonal” versions of popular products that people use year-round. In either case, it’s very effective to alert customers’ attention to the seasonality of the product. One of the best ways to let people know about limited-time product offerings is to use a display shaped like the seasonal product itself, but this is far from the only option. Anything that creates a sense of urgency through shape, design, text, or graphics is bound to boost sales.

Point-of-Purchase Displays Incorporating Text and Graphics
Many retailers have figured out the right combination of font and images to create a festive spirit while motivating customers to make last-minute purchases. Combinations of text and graphics can be used to catch holiday shoppers’ attention, to suggest how a product might be used around the holidays, to let them know about holiday promotions, or any number of other purposes. The text is an important component for creating a call-to-action, while the graphics are a significant part of reinforcing brand identity while creating a sense of the holiday spirit.

Retail Displays That Showcase Multiple Holiday Products
One of the best ways for retailers to maximize the usage of in-store displays around the holidays is to mix and match. Showcasing a variety of products in one display allows retailers to reach more customers in more niche markets without taking up a great deal more space or wasting unnecessary resources. Retailers might combine displays of products that could be used together, or place various items together that would make good gift ideas, or create a “stocking stuffers” display with a wide range of options, for example.

Just remember, the most effective holiday retail displays are those that create a festive mood with a sense of urgency about the products being promoted. The rest is up to you.

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