A Savory Example of an All-American Brand Winning with Visual Branding

When you think of visual branding, you probably think of TV commercials, billboards, product packaging, and other widely received mediums. But in reality, in-store displays can be the most powerful visual components of your overall branding scheme. Whether you are a retailer or a vendor, the visual story you tell in stores can make or break your efforts to strengthen a brand, make products into household names, and sell more products. Using Kraft’s strong in-store visual branding efforts as an example, this post will explain how use of visuals in retail settings can contribute to a brand’s continued status as a household name.

Branded Store Display

The Objectives of Kraft’s “Make the Easy Choice” Campaign
When the folks at Kraft came to Creative Displays Now looking for in-store displays for their canned products, they had some specific objectives in mind. Specifically, they wanted to:

  • Utilize the shape of the product’s can to create an equitable display
  • Balance both the number of SKUs and the size of the display in a way that would create an adequate presence in stores
  • Give shoppers an incentive to make impulse purchases based on the display
  • Make it easy for the employees who would be implementing these displays
  • Design a set of corrugated cardboard displays that would be strong and durable

How These Dynamic Display Objectives Were Achieved
The team at Creative Displays Now was tasked with a series of objectives to achieve for the Kraft project, and they rose to the occasion with a structurally sound display that was designed to hold more than 100 lbs. of canned product in each display. Before long, the displays were ready to ship, pre-loaded, to locations throughout the country. The displays, when installed in stores and filled with products, created a destination within the store where shoppers could easily find a product they know and trust due to its iconic brand identity. The graphics reached out to adults and children alike, so the maximum number of potential consumer was reached.

The Results of This All-American Display Campaign
After the displays had been designed, created, shipped, and set up with products in stores, the most stunning result was the number of impulse purchases that these displays inspired. Displays were emptied in record time thanks to the easily recognizable branded graphics that drew people to the familiar brand’s products. Compared to the same exact products sitting on shelves, sales figures showed double-digit figures for the products in these displays. All in all, this was a very savory example of an all-American brand winning with its visual storytelling in stores.

Although you might not be displaying products with such an iconic brand name as Kraft, the same objectives and design processes can and should work on your in-store branding scheme. Just remember to think big, consider product equity, and most importantly, create a visual story that ensures impulse purchases that you never could have achieved with products on shelves.

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