Creative Displays Now Gets Crafty for the Holidays!

Etsy artisans are gearing up for the holiday season. With the visibility and attention that the artisan community and marketplace has received over the last year, Etsy stands to make a wonderful impact on our holiday shopping in 2011. The concept and platform is fantastic, but the community marketplace is an age-old concept that derives from the earliest days of commerce.


So what about the Etsy artisans who want to display their wares to the physical world? Well, Creative Displays Now has the solution! Our beautifully designed point-of-purchase display stands will complement your jewelry in the best way. Not only for Etsy shops, the Creative Displays Now jewelry display stands are the best and “lightest” alternative to expensive and heavy display cases.

So whether you want to display your jewelry for your community Christmas bazaar, or you want to take your craftsmanship on the road, Creative Displays Now has the right solution for displaying your jewelry!

For more information, contact Creative Displays Now at 1-866-244-2214!

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