How to Set Up a Retail Display Stand (the Right Way)

Still confused about how to set up retail display stands the right way? Wondering whether your methods are leaving something to be desired in the minds of consumers? This how-to guide will list the steps to properly set up and use a retail display stand. This includes such vital actions as choosing the right display, creating a layout plan, gathering all the tools and components, putting the pieces together, arranging the items for sale and using effective lighting to display the items.

Retail Display Stand

Here’s everything you need to know to do it right. Here are five steps to success:

    1. Decide which products to focus on. If you have multiple products to promote and/or sell, then you need to decide which items you’re going to focus on in your current displays. High-ticket items that are important to display and protect are often the center of attention in a store’s layout plans. Consider what you need to sell fast, what brings the most profits and what is new and popular. Whichever factors are most important for your business will determine which displays are right for your scheme.


    1. Choose the right display for your products. Once you know what you’re focusing on, then you need to choose the right display stand – as well as any related accessories to help enhance the visual appeal – for your promotional campaign. These are some of the basic categories that retailers and vendors have to choose from:
      • Counter Displays
      • Endcap Displays
      • Floor Displays
      • Full View Displays
      • Half View Displays
      • Inline Displays
      • Jewelry Displays
      • Lighted Displays
      • Pallet Displays
      • Power Wing / Sidekick
      • Tower Displays
      • Wall Displays


    1. Devise a layout plan. If you want a more strategic plan for displaying and selling your items, you need to consider the layout carefully. Whether you are installing the display yourself, or guiding a retailer or vendor into the correct layout, you will to consider exactly how the products are going to look once they’re shelved. Think about the month, season, upcoming holidays, special events in the store or even local events going on as you plan the layout of the display stand.


    1. Gather the tools and put the pieces together. Once you have chosen the right display stand, ordered the components and have all your tools in one place, then it’s time to put the display together. Make sure to follow any instructions carefully and compare the finished product to comparable displays.


    1. Arrange Your Merchandise. Consider popular items, new items, high-ticket items and items that need to be sold quickly when arranging your merchandise. Showcase a mix of products to make the most use of the space. Also consider factors such as lighting and the floorplan of the store in your final arrangement.


A retail display stand can serve a vital function in terms of showcasing and protecting merchandise until it is sold and out the door. But only if you use the right techniques; otherwise you might be missing the boat. Are you ready to start these basic steps and find success with your retail display stands?

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