How Custom Displays Can Benefit Your Retail Strategy

how custom displays can benefit retail strategy

With plenty of shoppers to target at brick-and-mortar stores, it’s important to have a sales strategy that will increase the interest in your products at these physical locations. In-store advertising allows you to go head-to-head with your competitors to entice customers. Below are the major benefits of using custom displays that can elevate your brand:

1. Increased Brand Awareness

A well-made custom display encourages customers to notice your brand name with flashy graphics and a familiar color scheme. You want your brand to reflect the quality of your products. It’s possible to build the display with features and characteristics that target the demographics making the most purchases.

You can print your company’s logo, slogan or a related message for maximum impact. Consistent branding lures your customers in, gets them to view you as an industry leader and affirms your credibility. Your customers will see your brand name on the custom display even after all products have sold out. These displays can reinforce your brand in the brick-and-mortar environment.

2. Attention-Grabbing

Getting the attention of buyers is the first step to securing a sale. You also have to compete with other companies in the same environment. Displays give customers an attractive introduction to your products.

Customers who often shop in person might be unfamiliar with your brand if most of your advertising targets online shoppers. They’ll suddenly notice the display as they walk through a store or past a trade booth and take interest in its message.

Displays can be creative and eye-catching with colorful graphics and intriguing designs. Customers who view the displays become interested in buying more products because of how visually pleasing the display presents them.

3. Enhanced Versatility

The ability to customize your POP displays allows you to give shoppers a personalized experience with your brand. You can customize the display to your exact needs, and many displays are reusable or recyclable. The design can fit your theme regardless of complex elements. For example, a modern design can match a store in a metropolitan area but won’t suit a more rural location.

Eco-friendly custom materials can be cut and shaped to fit your needs and printed with your ideal design. You can choose to enable a variety of display models, including floor displays, end cap displays and pallet displays. Since their designs are flexible, you can build a display for an action alley or a high-traffic area to maximize your profits. You can also save space with vertical displays that make it easy to sell products.

custom floor displays are convenient

4. Convenience

Custom floor displays are convenient for customers because they provide quick access to your products. These attractive displays are often used to target impulse buyers, advertise high-selling items or market seasonal promotions. Products are positioned so that they’re either eye level with customers or easily viewed below a counter and ready to take.

Displays are also convenient for stores. Corrugated displays are lightweight, and many are designed to be easily unpacked and set up. They provide a colorful distraction for customers waiting in lines and encourage more sales.

5. Consumer Education

These fixtures can provide information about your products or brand so the customers have increased awareness. You can advertise anything from promotions and limited offerings to product information and your company’s website. You can also provide insights about your brand by marketing with graphics that reflect your core values or interests. If your company supports a cause, you can advertise it with your POP to attract like-minded customers.

The information and QR codes provided mean customers can spend less time looking for answers to common questions. They’ll immediately be able to tell what kind of merchandise is offered and get more information about it online.

6. Boosted Profits

Custom retail displays can increase the perceived value of your products at a location where many buyers initially choose to purchase them. Although online sales have increased in recent years, many customers continue to find new products at retail stores.

Customers are likely to stay loyal to a brand when they decide they like the products. Eye-catching displays stationed in key areas make it easy for them to notice your brand. Impulse buyers are also easier to influence using this style of suggestive marketing. POPs act like a salesperson who convinces people to buy a product instead of letting them go home and talk themselves out of it. Custom POP displays located near the cash register are especially successful for this purpose.

7. Affordable Material Costs

Most customized POP displays are corrugated cardboard. This material is affordable and lightweight, making it easy to unpack and set up. Their ability to be reused or recycled makes them highly economical as a marketing strategy. You can save older printed product displays for things like trade show events — they’re durable enough to hold up for years even as you start promoting new products and order displays with updated information.

You can save more money with POPs when you buy them in bulk. They’re also sustainable, with most being reusable or recyclable.

8. Fully Customizable

You can market a variety of products with a custom display, including batteries, toys, food/snack items and many others. Although custom displays typically work best for small, lightweight products, you can stock them with items of just about any shape or size. You can also have images and text printed on the displays.

Since POP displays can be temporary, you can also design them to reflect new trends and appeal to a different target audience. You can change your design if it becomes outdated. Furthermore, if you design a POP for a new product but want to switch it out later, you can. Depending on the display, you can adjust the signage and information to save time and money. If your company changes logos, leadership personnel or merges with another brand, you can redesign your POPs to make the transition seamless and maintain brand recognition.

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Choosing POP displays is a practical, affordable way to advertise your products and business and increase profits — but only when you stand out from the crowd. When you work with our team of experts at Creative Display Now, we ensure you do that.

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