Examples of Sales-Boosting Grocery Store Endcaps

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Is your marketing team struggling to come up with endcap display ideas to boost sales in stores? You may just need a few good examples. Successful grocery store endcap displays should be bright and colorful and include the right combination of text and printed images to grab attention and get your message across in mere seconds.

Grocery store endcap displays are often used to promote new products, seasonal items or popular merchandise with brand appeal. If you’re still looking for endcap display ideas, the following six creative examples should give your in-store marketing team a good place to start.

What Is the Function of an Endcap?

Endcap displays have many purposes and types, depending on your marketing and sales goals. Some common functions of this POP display include the following:

  • Promoting deals and sales: Because endcaps bring more attention to products, they are useful for pointing out discounts and other promotions. Sales and discounts can encourage customers to try out brands they might not normally consider, helping increase brand awareness and your customer base. Many brands use this type of endcap display because they can highlight bundle promotions. The display allows brands to group products together in one space.
  • Highlighting new products: When launching new products, endcap displays can bring them to customers’ center of attention. You can arrange products on shelves to highlight their best features and use design elements to show their benefits to customers. With color and design flexibility, you can focus on increasing brand recognition and awareness for any new brands you are launching to boost product and brand success.
  • Pairing with complementary products: Like with promotions, the space and flexibility of endcap displays mean you can highlight products that work well together. For example, coffee brands might also add colorful mugs alongside their various blends so customers can have something to drink their product out of. This marketing tactic aims to understand and solve customer needs and pain points related to your products.
  • Offering temporary products and displays: Your brand can cater to customer needs and buying habits with temporary endcap solutions. Whether you want to promote a limited deal or seasonal products. The flexible and customizable design of POP and endcap displays allows brands to change displays to match recent holidays or limited promotional materials in ways that aren’t possible with regular shelving solutions.

Endcap displays are effective because they are eye-catching

6 Examples of Supermarket Endcap Displays

The versatility and customization of endcaps allow many brands to use them, regardless of their product types and industries. Endcap displays can meet several customer and marketing needs with endcap displays, allowing brands to get more creative with their placement and designs.

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1. Batteries in Just the Right Places

The majority of products these days need batteries, so why not remind customers to grab them? We’ve seen countless examples of vendors promoting their batteries with endcaps placed near electronic products that require them.

Endcap Display for Batteries

2. Soda to Quench the Thirst

It’s typical to see Coke on sale one week and Pepsi on sale the next. In either case, soda companies (both big brands and smaller outfits) often use endcap display stands to remind customers of their thirst, whether the soda is on sale or not. The end of a snack aisle is an ideal location. What goes better with a salty snack than a fizzy soda, after all?

3. Back-to-School Binders

Even though it’s only spring, now’s the time to start planning your end-of-summer and fall POP displays. One great example of seasonal product placement is the use of endcaps to display binders, pens, pencils, paper, and other back-to-school essentials. By making the POP display more visible, shoppers are reminded that school is around the corner, even if they just stopped in to get a loaf of bread or a carton of milk.

4. Gourmet Items to Finish off a Meal

We’ve seen some very successful examples of gourmet food vendors promoting their goods on the endcaps of related product shelves. If customers are shopping for spaghetti and marinara sauce, for example, they might be more likely to add a high-end olive oil or loaf of French bread if they see it advertised on the endcap of the pasta and sauce aisle.

5. Seasonal Shopping Made Easy

It’s much easier for your shoppers to prepare for a seasonal celebration if you remind them what they want and need with a grocery endcap display. Vendors often find great success promoting items such as chips and salsa with a Cinco de Mayo-themed endcap product display stand, for example. Another popular use for seasonal displays is candy and gifts paired together in Christmas and Valentine’s endcaps.

6. Letting the Product Speak for Itself

An item such as — which is already sold in a recognizable package showing off the brightly colored product — doesn’t need much in the way of signage to attract attention. Endcaps often prove successful in promoting well-known products simply by showing the sale price in bold letters, rather than saying anything about the product itself.

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The endcap is simply the best place to divert customers’ eyes from a store’s competing sights and sounds. Are you ready to make the most of it?

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