Six Inspired Examples of Sales-Boosting Grocery Store End Caps

Is your marketing team struggling to come up with end cap display ideas to boost sales in stores? You may just need a few good examples. Successful grocery store end cap displays should be bright, colorful, and include the right combination of text and printed images to grab attention and get your message across in mere seconds. Grocery Store end cap displays are often used to promote new products, seasonal items, or popular merchandise with brand appeal. If you’re still looking for end cap display ideas, the following six creative examples should give your in-store marketing team a good place to start.

    1. Batteries in Just the Right Places
      The majority of products these days need batteries, so why not remind customers to grab them? We’ve seen countless examples of vendors promoting their batteries with end caps placed near electronics products that require them.
      Endcap Display for Batteries
    2. Soda to Quench the Thirst
      It’s typical to see Coke on sale one week and Pepsi on sale the next. In either case, soda companies (both big brands and smaller outfits) often use end cap display stands to remind customers of their thirst, whether the soda’s on sale or not. The end of a snack aisle is an ideal location. What goes better with a salty snack than a fizzy soda, after all?

  1. Back-to-School Binders
    Even though it’s only spring, now’s the time to start planning your end-of-summer and fall POP displays. One great example of seasonal product placement is the use of end caps to display binders, pens, pencils, paper, and other back-to-school essentials. By making the POP display more visible, shoppers are reminded that school is around the corner, even if they just stopped in to get a loaf of bread or carton of milk.
  2. Gourmet Items to Finish off a Meal
    We’ve seen some very successful examples of gourmet food vendors promoting their goods on the end caps of related product shelves. If customers are shopping for spaghetti and marinara sauce, for example, they might be more likely to add a high-end olive oil or loaf of French bread if they see it advertised on the end cap of the pasta and sauce aisle.
  3. Seasonal Shopping Made Easy
    It’s much easier for your shoppers to prepare for a seasonal celebration if you remind them what they want and need with a grocery end cap display. Vendors often find great success promoting items such as chips and salsa with a Cinco de Mayo themed end cap product display stand, for example.
    Seasonal Endcap Display
  4. Letting the Product Speak for Itself
    An item such as – which is already sold in a recognizable package showing off the brightly colored product – doesn’t need much in the way of signage to attract attention. End caps often prove successful promoting well-known products simply by showing the sale price in bold letters, rather than saying anything about the product itself.

The end cap is simply the best place to divert customers’ eyes from a store’s competing sights and sounds. Are you ready to make the most of it?

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