Creative Displays Now is a Display Provider for Lowe’s and Home Depot

Displaying your products in major retailers like Home Depot or Lowe’s exposes them and your brand to thousands of potential customers. However, getting your products accepted can be challenging. Considering how you want to display your product is the first step.

Home improvement displays must be high-quality and eye-catching and meet the store’s specifications. To ensure you are allowed floor space, work with an experienced display provider. Creative Displays Now has been helping customers create custom hardware displays for over 60 years. We understand the requirements for signage, shelving, fixtures and displays for Lowe’s and Home Depot and can help you work through the process.

Why Choose Creative Displays Now?

Creative Displays Now has been the premier provider and manufacturer of premium Point-of-Purchase (POP) displays for over 60 years. Our experienced, detail-oriented staff can help you design a custom display that meets the specifications for Lowe’s or Home Depot displays.

Many companies must read through pages of specifications to ensure their displays meet the retailer’s standards. It’s tedious and time-consuming. However, we do the work for you when you partner with us. Since our team knows retailer requirements, we’ll help you get it right the first time, within your budget and on time. This way you can concentrate on your business instead of the fine print.

Retail Displays for Lowe’s, Home Depot and Other Hardware Stores

With various display options, you can use them to feature almost any product, from tools to garden supplies. Popular displays for Lowe’s and other hardware stores include:

  • Large retail pallet displays: A 40 x 96-inch large retail pallet display is browsable and viewable from three sides. It features full-color, offset lithographic printing on most of the visible area. We can assemble this display, package it with your product and distribute it to over 200 individual Lowe’s stores in under a month.
  • Case stacker retail displays: The case stacker display is for bulky or large products. Since it has a massive amount of space on the sides and header, it allows for maximum branding and product information. 
  • Half pallet floor displays: This display is perfect for showcasing a core product and its accessories. Half pallet floor displays are an excellent choice for home improvement stores where they boast great success.
  • End cap displays: These displays are at the end of the aisles. They “cap” the end of the aisle in an attractive way that lets customers notice items they might need but overlooked.
  • Bin displays: Bin displays, also called dump bins, are an inexpensive way to store large quantities of goods and save space. Businesses commonly use them for overstock goods or on-sale items because bin displays attract impulse buyers.
  • Power wing displays: Power wing or sidekick displays are flexible displays that generally promote sales items. They are at the sides of an aisle, serving as an attention-grabbing fixture.
  • Retail blister packs: Blister packs are a favorite among businesses because they offer theft protection. The display provides product visibility while also featuring eye-catching graphics and product information.

What Products Can You Display?

You can use a custom display to showcase almost any product. Companies frequently use them to display:

  • Seasonal products: Custom corrugated cardboard displays are perfect for temporary, seasonal designs. You can use them to highlight specific things for the seasons, then switch the displays for the rest of the year.
  • Popular products: Feature your bestselling, go-to items with custom displays, so customers know exactly where to go.
  • Promotions and deals: Display your promotions and temporary deals with attention-grabbing banners, case stackers and pallets.
  • New products: If you have a new product that you expect to be popular, you can attract customers to it with a creative custom display.

The Benefits of Custom Hardware Displays

Creating custom hardware or tool displays offer many benefits, including:

  • Flexibility: If you need to, you can quickly refresh and redesign your display, whether seasonally or to promote a new product. Custom displays can come in any shape, style or size. You can add your company’s logo and brand, and design the display to fit your needs and creative vision. Almost any design will work.
  • Larger displays: A bigger surface area to work with means more room for ingenuity so customers notice your products. Custom displays can feature large attractive graphics that will garner more interest. And, because of their size, you can fit more products on them and save space.
  • Increases brand awareness: Customizing your display with your company colors, logo or brand boosts your brand’s awareness. Store associates place the displays throughout the store to draw customers and promote your products. Your displays can go in a specific area or sit on a floor pallet. No matter where it goes, customers are constantly noticing and recognizing your brand.
  • Efficiency: Most of the customers in hardware stores are seeking fast, reliable solutions for home improvements or repairs. Custom displays help them navigate the store while informing them about your product. They are also independent and lightweight, allowing employees to efficiently set them up without needing shelf fixtures for support.
  • Attention-grabbing: Since the displays are visually appealing, they draw customers to your product. The displays are ready to go in the stores and can feature elaborate designs. Additionally, displays offer customers a unique, personalized shopping experience while promoting your merchandise. We can organize your products in a presentable, eye-catching and professional manner.
  • Affordability: Custom corrugated cardboard displays are one of the most affordable advertising methods. They’re a low-risk, high-reward marketing strategy. It’s easy to reach a large store audience without paying for expensive advertising, like social media ads. The profits you earn quickly overshadow the cost of advertising. Furthermore, you can purchase temporary displays in bulk, saving you more money.

Design the Perfect Hardware Display With Creative Displays Now!

Custom corrugated cardboard displays are a low-cost, effective marketing strategy when they stand out. By using a custom display to showcase your products in major retail stores, you can reach countless buyers at an affordable cost. Creative Displays Now has the experience and expertise to help you create the best innovative display for your merchandise.

All of our displays are custom. We do everything — design, printing, manufacturing and distribution — in-house. Because everything is in-house, we are  one of the fastest in the business. Our expert staff can help you, whether you need help with designing your display or meeting specifications.

Contact us today to discuss your custom display ideas or get started on a project estimate. We look forward to working with you every step of the way.

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