Fight Flu Season with These Must-Haves for Pharmacy Displays

Winter is underway — and that means, unfortunately, so is cold and flu season. Make sure you’re using your pharmacy displays to help your customers get the relief they need quickly, and this year up your sales by adding in some remedies customers may not have tried yet.

Cardboard Pharma Display

Accessibility is Key
The absolute last thing a sick person wants to do is comb through a store in search of the proper medicine. Make customers’ and your employees’ lives easier by using hanging signs in your drug store display. Get creative…you can even customize a sign in the shape of a Claritin pill. You may want to consider putting a large cardboard display of easy-to-take preventatives like Airborne or Emergen-C right at the entrance of your store. It’s also a smart idea to place a register display of travel size or individual packets of these known healers in the checkout line. Plus, by advertising smaller sizes, you’re giving your customers the opportunity to try new medicines and remedies without having to spend for the whole bottle or pack. You’ll be surprised by the differences made in both sales and in customer loyalty.

Include Deals in Your Display
Especially during cold and flu season, offering a discount on supplies like Emergen-C, Airborne and even herbal teas can help to boost sales. Make sure your customers (even the ones who are too sick to notice much of anything!) are aware of your promotions by printing them in bold, bright colors (red is the most recognizable for a sale) across your displays. Placement is also key, so be sure to place your cardboard displays in front of the pharmacy section of your drugstore, or even directly before the aisle containing a large assortment of medication. If you’d really like to step up your deal game, you can include a coupon pouch on the display. Customers can reach in, grab a 20% off coupon and a pack of Emergen-C and get home to heal.

Make It Stand Out
Even something as unpleasant as a cold can still be catchy in terms of marketing — a creative advertising display for medication, like a cardboard display in the shape of a pill, can really stand out. Think red and white to really attract customer attention. Advertise by printing deals on a bandage-shaped box, or even use recognizable symbols like a red cross in your displays.

Corrugated Floor Display

Don’t let cold and flu season throw off your game. You can improve your pharmacy displays by making products easy to find, offering promotional deals like buy-one-get-ones and by making sure your shelves are always stocked full of necessary medications.

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