Fight Flu Season with These Must-Haves for Pharmacy Displays

How to create a helpful and successful pharmacy display

How to Create a Helpful and Successful Pharmacy Display

Even as online commerce grows, brick-and-mortar stores still provide many services to people looking for convenient and immediate purchases. Pharmacies are one business that allows consumer packaged goods brands to expand their brick-and-mortar presence. These days, drugstores offer much more than filling and selling prescriptions, and many shoppers stop by the pharmacy to pick up their everyday essentials. Interesting display stands might even encourage shoppers filling prescriptions to add a few impulse buys to their baskets.
When you want to sell more of your products in pharmacies, in-store retail displays can help attract more shoppers to your offerings. As retail pharmacies offer a wide variety of products and brands to customers, making your products stand out from the competition with smart, creative displays is imperative. In pharmacies, everything from supplements to first aid kits can stand out with the right display.
Keeping up with marketing and advertising trends for your product displays can also help you create more business with pharmacies and maintain leverage over online-only brands for pharmaceutical items. This comprehensive guide will help you reach more customers, prioritize your product merchandising and make the most of your distribution to retail pharmacies.

What Products Can Pharmacy Displays Help Advertise?

Retail pharmacy displays are beneficial for advertising a diverse array of personal and health care products. From new items to last-minute purchases, displays can entice customers to buy more when they visit the pharmacy, which makes them good for your brand and your pharmacy retail partners. A wide range of advertising display options can promote products such as:
  • Hair products
  • Body products
  • Household cleaning supplies
  • Skincare products
  • Family planning items
  • Vitamins and dietary supplements
  • Food, diet and nutrition items
  • Beverages and snacks
  • Pet food and pet care items
  • Beauty products
  • Medication for allergies, pain relief and other ailments
  • Feminine products
  • Adult sanitary products
  • Cold and flu products
  • Various medical equipment
  • Products for diabetes management
  • Essential oils and perfumes
  • Oral care products
  • First aid items
  • Baby care items
  • Suncare items
  • Seasonal merchandise

beneficial for advertising a wide array of products

Types of Displays

Retail pharmacy displays can promote and help you sell more of your products and increase brand awareness throughout the retail pharmacy environment. You can choose from several types of displays to best suit the needs of your products and advertising goals. Temporary displays range in size from pallets and standalone corrugated units to smaller displays for pharmacy shelving and checkout counters.
Typically, temporary displays stay up for several months before a CPG brand switches them out to promote their latest campaign. Temporary displays are handy during a new product launch, promotion of seasonal items, and when a greater demand arises for a particular product.
Corrugated and paperboard displays are top-rated advertising options due to their low cost, versatility and level of sustainability. Corrugated cardboard is one of the most effective material types as you can print many designs onto them and recycle them after a short period.
Floor displays


Floor Displays

Floor displays are customizable, upright displays that optimize valuable floor space. Floor displays are easy to move and interchange while remaining sturdy and long-lasting. They are a popular choice for temporary pharmacy advertising in prominent locations like the main aisles. Floor displays also provide a convenient eye-level focus for customers in a retail pharmacy to view your products.


Inline Displays

Custom inline displays are a versatile option for shelves, countertops and checkout aisles and can effectively present multiple products. For example, they can display multiple snack food flavors or several steps in a skincare routine in limited countertop or shelving space. Inline displays help make your products stand out on shelves, where they’re often right next to your biggest competitors. They can be an excellent and convenient display option for when you need to advertise small, easy-to-grab products within a limited amount of space.


Case Stacker Displays

Case stacker displays are an excellent option for when you want your corrugated display to stand as its own featured structure. You can use case stackers to stack larger products on top of each other and draw attention to these groupings through bright designs on the sides of the display. Case stackers or bin displays are ideal for organizing beverage cases or other boxed items in a more accessible and appealing manner.


Power Wing Displays

Power wing or sidekick displays are ideal for new, promotional and seasonal product offers and are the second-most popular type of retail display. Power wing displays can help you increase your product sales by providing space for products at the ends of aisles, where shoppers are more likely to see them. Your pharmacy retail partners may let you attach them to endcap displays and existing shelving. These displays can also help you advertise products such as books and magazines.


Counter Displays

Counter displays are a great way to draw attention to your products as customers check out with their other purchases. Pharmacy counter displays offer solid structural support and are extremely successful at driving sales and impulse purchases of products such as candy, gum, lip balm and pocket-sized hand sanitizers. Cardboard counter displays are approachable and appealing, and they offer a subtle way to create customer loyalty and promote brand awareness.
You may also consider creating a counter shipper display to take advantage of premium countertop space in retail stores. Counter shipper displays offer sturdy and easy-to-assemble merchandise advertising and increase product appeal to potential customers. With counter shippers, pharmacy employees assemble the display using the packaging you ship your products in, which can improve retail compliance and allow them to easily replace a counter display that becomes damaged. Counter shipper displays can also help you showcase your products and even inspire shoppers to explore an option they might not have considered.


Pallet Displays

Pallet displays typically display a greater quantity of your products while maintaining a fresh and dynamic look for a retail store. Pallet displays allow products to stand on a branded pallet skirt with interior structures and merchandiser trays to keep your products organized. Large pallet displays are excellent for capturing customer attention and can boost sales and earn continued interest in your products.


Endcap Displays

Last but not least, endcap displays are incredibly effective at capturing your customers’ attention and promoting your products. Endcap displays can be part of a shelf, a half pallet or a free-standing floor base. Their prominent location at the ends of aisles makes them highly visible for shoppers, even when they don’t enter the aisles. Endcap displays allow for easy setup and maintenance and provide incomparable shopping convenience for customers perusing your products. Endcap displays are also especially helpful to boost your branding and entice customers to purchase your products by reminding them of what they might need as they navigate a pharmacy.


8 Ways to Make the Most of Your Retail Pharmacy Displays

Effective pharmacy displays help customers navigate a store quickly and efficiently and can help boost sales by highlighting new products. The following eight methods are excellent strategies to keep in mind when creating and assembling your product displays for use throughout a retail pharmacy.
make items easy to access


1. Prioritize Accessibility

Creating greater accessibility is essential to successful displays in a retail pharmacy for your products. The last thing a sick person wants to do is comb through a store searching for the proper medicine. You can make the lives of pharmacy customers easier by using a variety of display types in a drug store display of your products.

In pharmacy merchandising, creativity is crucial. You might customize a sign in the shape of a Claritin pill pointing toward a larger floor or endcap display. Or, situate a large display of easy-to-take preventive products like Airborne or Emergen-C right at the entrance of a store can encourage those making a quick drugstore run to purchase your products.

From shelving to standing displays, it is smart to make items easy to access for impulse buyers through register or counter displays for travel-sized and miniature products.

By advertising smaller sizes of your products, you offer customers the opportunity to try new medicines and remedies without spending money on the whole bottle or pack. You’ll be surprised by the differences you can make with these smaller, accessible displays in both sales and customer loyalty!


2. Complement Your Branding

To maximize your profits, you’ll want to optimize your product displays to promote your brand first and foremost. Your products naturally showcase your brand, so a display that complements your packaging design works well. You also want your displays to reflect your products accurately.
While standard metal shelving can functionally present products to your customers, it does little to convince them to make a purchase. To prevent your displays from feeling bland and uninspired, you can use attractive displays that fit with and complement the overall aesthetic of your products and brand. Choosing more creative and on-brand retail signage that fits your products will also help reinforce brand awareness in the minds of your customers.
Effective signage will encourage customers to purchase new promotional products, offer helpful information, answer questions and introduce shoppers to new products from a brand they consider familiar and trustworthy. Pharmacy display stands and signage are incredibly valuable to point out to your customers how your products can help them, and you want to be sure that your display branding distinctly and actively reflects the products they advertise.
feature products you wish to move


3. Update Often and Increase Your Turnaround

Switching up the way you present and display your products can help excite your customers and demonstrate that you’re offering something new and compelling. Changing the displays you establish in pharmacies at least once a month and every season is good practice.
By removing stale displays and working with a manufacturer that offers a fast display turnaround time, you can increase your product sales and prevent your pharmaceutical displays from becoming boring. Keeping the display imagery and messaging fresh will also help expose customers to your brand and encourage new purchase opportunities.
To appeal to your customers, aim for your displays to feature products you wish to move by offering special or limited-time manufacturer discounts. It can also be helpful to display more important and expensive items at eye level to increase purchases. To improve customer visibility and product movement, make sure your products fill up all empty spaces on display. Encourage your retail partners to keep your displays fully stocked at all times.


4. Include Deals in Your Display

You can offer limited edition items and deals to boost your sales. By printing any promotions you offer in bright, bold colors such as red across your displays, you will spread awareness to your customers of specific desirable items and sell more of your stock in retail pharmacies. Limited edition items and limited-time offers can also help you appeal more to your customers and increase your brand value and loyalty.
For example, during cold and flu season, you might decide to offer a discount or new variation for your display of supplies like herbal teas, decongestants and dehumidifiers. Custom displays that feature these and other new items will attract far more attention to your products and remind customers of your brand. Including deals in your display may even encourage impulse purchases and encourage customers to choose your products over a more expensive competitor.
focus on seasonality


5. Focus on Seasonality

You can take advantage of the seasons in focusing your pharmaceutical product displays on common ailments and needs for a particular time of year. In-season displays will help you target customers in search of relevant products. You may consider designing specific custom displays for newly featured products or items relevant to a particular time of year. If your product is a year-round purchase, you might create a display that ties it to the season or upcoming holidays.
One helpful method for determining display themes is to create a merchandising calendar to track seasonal symptom needs and national health awareness events, especially during peak periods of seasonal illnesses. Attention to seasonality can also help you sell more products and draw renewed attention to your brand. For example, if you’re marketing a decongestant, you might create an allergy-season display for the spring and a cold and flu season campaign in the fall and winter.
For example, using the wintertime to have your displays target cold and flu season is a great way to make the most of your product selection and increase sales. You may also choose to create a point-of-purchase power wing display that will target shoppers on their way in and out of a retail space during peak sales season.
For example, if you’re marketing bottles of hand sanitizer, you might prioritize displays at the front of the store during cold and flu season. If your product is bug spray, sunscreen or another suncare product, the summer is an excellent time to make the most of the vacation season for your products with a more prominent display. A tasteful custom display will help you have the maximum impact on your customers.
ensure your displays attract attention


6. Keep Up With Consumer Behavior and Needs

When you have an idea of your customers’ interests and why they make impulse purchases, it may be easier for you to create a targeted product display that is fresh and up-to-date with shoppers’ demands. As consumer behavior and desires are constantly changing, designing custom displays for your products that address consumers’ fluctuating needs, interests and trends can be challenging.
The main goal for your brand’s product displays should be to establish how you can enhance the customer experience and why your products hold value for customers. Innovative displays can help you promote new and current products and create continual recognition patterns for shoppers who encounter your brand’s items and promotional offerings.
Ensuring your custom displays attract attention is just as important as ensuring that your products consistently meet your customers’ needs. Improved product margins begin with high-quality custom marketing through displays that communicate your pharmaceutical products’ value, use and reliability.
disorganized, loud, or messy displays are not good


7. Prioritize Organization

A disorganized, loud or messy display is a turn-off to customers and decreases the number of products you sell. Choosing a single theme or message with a clear call to action streamlines how customers interact with your displays. By avoiding clutter and keeping your displays neat, you can let your custom design shine and do the advertising work for you. Large, striking visuals also help customers understand your display from a distance, inspire interest and invite them to buy your products.
Another important factor in solidifying your merchandising strategies is maintaining a meaningful flow across the products in your displays and how you advertise your brand. It is essential to choose appropriate and appealing color schemes and designs for your products that will complement the environment and aesthetic of your brand’s style. Ensuring that your displays reflect the same branding as the products they advertise is crucial to maintaining consistency and avoiding confusion for shoppers.
Aesthetically pleasing retail pharmacy display stands with high-quality designs, precise detail, solid branding and neatly arranged items make a considerable difference for consumers as you showcase your products. Displays created with care and attention to detail draw more shoppers to your displays and sell more of your products in a retail pharmacy environment.
attract your customers attention


8. Make It Stand Out

In terms of your marketing, you want to maximize the number of products you sell to shoppers. Creating eye-catching displays that allow your product to stand out and attract your customers’ attention is the best way to do so.
By focusing on complementary color combinations, color blocks and creative designs, you can display your merchandise far more effectively and achieve higher short-term sales lift. Large displays make a much bigger splash as your customer scans a store shelf for what they need.
A creative advertising display for medication, such as a cardboard display in the shape of a pill or classic medicine bottle, can help your products stand out to customers with just one glance. Displays featuring high-contrast colors such as red and white also boost the number of customers you attract to your products. You can also boost awareness for your products by creating displays with recognizable symbols, such as a red cross or a bandage-shaped box for first aid supplies.
improve your retail pharmacy merchandising with Creative Displays Now


Improve Your Retail Pharmacy Merchandising With Creative Displays Now!

As a merchandiser in consumer packaged goods, you want to ensure that your shoppers interact with your products within a retail pharmacy environment to maximize your sales. Custom displays can help you stimulate customer interest in your products and persuade them to make purchases by making your products easily recognizable. With almost 60 years in the display-making business, Create Displays Now! offers extensive retail knowledge, in-house design experience and reliable shipping for corrugated display solutions.
Create Displays Now! can provide your company with unique and effective retail displays through our expert custom print capabilities. Our primary corrugated cardboard material is 100% recyclable and made from 60%-95% post-consumer waste to guarantee eco-friendly product production.

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