Don’t Get Weighed Down – Five Design Keys for Hardware Tool Displays

Ensuring that you have the right tools for the job is critical to your success in almost any field of endeavor. Creating displays for hardware tools can be challenging. Showcasing these products effectively while supporting the weight of these items requires careful planning and material selection. At Creative Displays Now, we specialize in creating the most appealing and durable displays for a wide range of venues, including box stores, hardware retailers, department stores and specialty shops. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when designing hardware tool displays for the retail marketplace.

Cardboard Tool Display - Hardware Display

DESIGN TIP #1: Sturdy Construction
Because tools and hardware can be both bulky and heavy, the materials used to construct displays must be rugged and able to stand up under the weight of these products. Corrugated cardboard displays can be constructed and designed to provide solid support for heavy boxes. Additionally, plastic or metal framing parts can be integrated into displays to provide attachment points for hooks to show off hanging items to best advantage in stores and other retail environments.

DESIGN TIP #2: Clarity of Message
Bold fonts and colors can attract the attention of consumers, especially in the retail hardware environment. Selecting hues and fonts that complement your existing logo and current advertising campaigns can provide added support for your branding efforts and your marketing team. Additionally, colors that stand out from other manufacturers in the hardware industry can help to distinguish your hardware items from those offered by other companies in the same venues.

DESIGN TIP #3: Practicality
The design and structure of your display should generally reflect the type of products it will contain. For rugged and durable tools, choosing a practical design for your display unit will help to communicate these values more clearly and will provide added support for your marketing strategies. It is generally a mistake to sacrifice practicality in favor of originality in the field of display design.

Cardboard Hardware Display

DESIGN TIP #4: Demographics
Gearing your displays toward your most likely customers can pay off in increased sales and improved market saturation. For tools designed primarily for homeowners, graphics and images that reflect the suburban environment can provide added appeal among these potential buyers. For contractors and building managers, a bolder design may allow your products to stand out and be noticed in the highly competitive field of commercial tools and equipment.

DESIGN TIP #5: Purpose-Driven
Manufacturers may design displays to meet a number of key needs, including the following:

  • Introducing a new product
  • Building name recognition for a lineup of items
  • Rebranding products that need a public refresh

Understanding the basic purpose for which your display is intended can help you fine-tune the design to suit each of these basic purposes.

At Creative Displays Now, we are committed to providing manufacturers and retail distributors with the best and most durable display options in the industry. Considering these five factors can help our clients determine the best course of action when creating hardware displays for the retail marketplace.

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