Chapter 4: Beverage Display Ideas

If you need inspiration for your display design, it may help to look at competitors’ displays and see what’s out there. Explore companies’ websites or head to nearby stores and walk around. When you look at other displays, think about the elements that catch your attention and take note. Which beverage displays appeal to you, and why?

As we mentioned in the previous chapter, your brand’s identity, including its logo, colors and other visual elements, should be your primary source of inspiration. Keeping your brand and audience in mind, consider ways to have fun with your display and make customers excited to pick up your products.

In this chapter, we’ll share some ideas to jolt your creativity. If you’re pressed for time and need a spectacular display fast, don’t panic — we’re here for you at Creative Displays Now.

Creative Drink Displays

Whether you need a drink display for soda cans or bottles of wine, here are some ideas to help you get started:

  • Consider cross-merchandising: Consider if your beverage can be displayed by complementary items in the store to help consumers discover your brand. For example, if you’re merchandising wine, you might display the product next to wine glasses and corkscrews.
  • Educate customers: If you have a unique product that consumers might have questions about, consider using the display to educate them. For instance, if you’re promoting a new nutritious drink with interesting ingredients, you might add a brief description of the product’s benefits on the display.
  • Go with the season: Seasonal displays are attention-grabbers, so think about the next season and how you might create a display accordingly.
  • Use a quote: Do you have some memorable quotes to complement your brand? Consider placing them on a display to connect with target customers and encourage Instagram shots.
  • Be unusual: Displays do not always have to be square. Review your retailer’s requirements and imagine ways to create an exciting display using curved lines or unique shapes. With corrugated cardboard, you can design just about anything you can imagine.

  • Tell a story: Does your brand have a story waiting to be told? For instance, if your beverage contains organic, locally grown ingredients, you might include a story about its production. Stories allow brands to form emotional connections with their customers.
  • Add literature: To encourage customers to interact with your product, consider adding a tear-off pad to your display. You might include drink recipes, food pairing ideas or coupons.
  • Represent your local team: Customize beer displays to match the colors, mascot or favorite players of a local sports team and draw attention. You can build a sense of trust among customers by showing you’re a part of the local culture.
  • Create a scene: Consider asking the retailer if you can incorporate your product into a scene. You might add props to the overall display to make it more fun and pull customers in. For example, if you produce old-fashioned soda, you might create a display with props like a vintage popcorn machine and appeal to customers’ nostalgic side. Just be careful not to go overboard with props or other decorations to keep a tidy, curated look.
  • Build an interactive display: Consider ways to make your display interactive so customers can engage with your product and learn more about its benefits. You might add a touch screen to the display that allows customers to play a beverage-related game.
  • Offer samples: If possible, include room on your display to offer samples of your product, so new customers can get to know your brand. Samples can also help build loyalty with your existing customers.
  • Encourage selfies: Think of ways your display might encourage customers to take a selfie and share it with friends. If your brand has a mascot, for example, consider creating a life-size cardboard cutout to go with your display.
  • Add surprise: Consider ways to add a touch of surprise to your display by adding a prop. For example, you might add a plant to a beverage display or place a stuffed animal alongside snacks for sale. While props might not work in every case, they’re something to keep in mind.

For more ideas, check out our beverage display examples or give us a call at Creative Displays Now.

Showcase Your Beverage With Custom Displays

A thoughtfully designed, colorful display makes a product irresistible. Merchandising executives claim temporary point-of-purchase displays increase sales by nearly 24%. An attractive display also raises the chance consumers will remember your brand. Color has the power to increase brand recognition by up to 80%.

When you custom-design a drink display, you get to apply your imagination and the qualities that make your brand unique. However, since there is so much to consider when you design a display, it’s understandable if the process feels a little overwhelming — especially if you have a deadline looming ahead. We’re here to take the pressure off and design a custom display for you.

At Creative Displays Now, we have over 60 years of experience designing, manufacturing and distributing high-quality retail displays. Our team of in-house designers will put their market insights and creativity to work to create a display that makes your product pop. When you need a bright, head-turning display for beverages, we’re happy to help. Reach out to us today to learn more or get an estimate for your project.

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