Chapter 5: Get Your Products in Stores With Custom Displays

Get Your Products to Market With Custom Retail Displays

One way to show a retailer you’re ready for their store is to design a custom display that suits their target market. A custom display shows you did your homework, and you’re prepared to appeal to their customers. The right display can also help you seamlessly fit into a store’s layout.

Like a product’s packaging, the display is meant to catch a customer’s attention and urge them to interact with the product. Attention-grabbing displays enable retailers to introduce new brands that customers might otherwise overlook. Every detail counts when it comes to designing an effective retail display.

To help you get started, this chapter explores various types of displays for big box stores like Walmart and Target. If you’re ready to create a custom display now, contact us for an estimate.

Why Retail Displays Are Important

Has a display ever caused you to pause and explore a new product? Great displays have the power to make customers stop, turn and pick up an item for sale. They’re often used to present new products and increase impulse buying. Benefits of retail displays include:

  • Making products stand out from other items
  • Raising brand awareness
  • Providing extra space to educate consumers about a product
  • Allowing you to place items in a store strategically
  • Providing a cost-effective way to advertise a product
  • Offering essential tools for promoting sales and creating a sense of urgency
  • Allowing you to show retailers how you want your product to appear in their store
  • Enabling you to save a retailer time by promoting your brand for them
  • Offering a way to showcase your product and draw a buyer’s attention at a trade show

Overall, retail displays are an essential component of visual merchandising and encourage customers to make purchases.

Best Types of Displays for Big Box Stores

The best displays for a big box store are point of purchase POP displays

If you look at Walmart or Target in-store displays, you’ll likely discover a variety of options. That’s because displays are available in various shapes and sizes and are meant to enhance a store’s appearance — in addition to helping products sell fast.

The best displays for a big box store are point-of-purchase (POP) displays. POP displays exist separately from standard shelving units and are used to place products in customers’ paths. These displays draw customers’ attention and urge them to try a new brand. POP displays include:

  • Endcaps: Endcap displays are placed at the end of aisles. Placing products at the end of an aisle greatly increases visibility. Endcap displays are ideal for promoting new brands and seasonal items or boosting the sale of classic products like chips and soda.
  • Dump bins: Dump bins are large containers that typically go where there’s more space, such as in a power aisle. Dump bins are perfect for displaying large fonts and holding oddly-shaped items. When customers see a dump bin, they perceive the items as on-sale or available temporarily and feel urged to purchase.
  • Sidekicks: Sidekick displays are small and lightweight and typically complement endcap displays. Sidekick displays are the ideal spot for everyday add-on items. For example, if you stock an endcap display with an electronic product, you might use sidekicks to hold batteries.
  • Countertop: Countertop displays are lightweight point-of-sale displays. Countertop displays are typically placed in checkout areas to encourage impulse buying and spread brand awareness. Unusual items and consumable products fit well with countertop displays.
  • Inline: Inline displays are space-saving containers designed to sit on a counter or shelf. These displays often come pre-packed with the product and are extremely easy to set up.
  • Pallet: Pallet displays are designed for placement on top of a pallet. Pallet displays allow retailers to advertise large quantities of merchandise while maximizing the use of space. These hard-to-miss displays are suitable for a range of products, including unpackaged groceries, clothing and seasonal items.
  • Floor: Floor displays are freestanding units that encompass most of the displays listed above. Floor displays can be custom-designed to your unique specifications.

How We Can Help

Choosing the right display can feel challenging, especially considering a retailer’s requirements. Nevertheless, it’s critical to design a display that will make your product fly off the shelf.

At Creative Displays Now, we know what it takes to impress major retailers and meet their needs. We have over 60 years of experience designing and producing displays for big box stores like Target, Walmart and Best Buy, and we understand their store dynamics — including display specifications.

If you need a hand getting your product into a big box store, let us know. We’re ready to design, manufacture and distribute stunning custom displays on time and according to a retailer’s requirements.

Stand Out With Custom Displays

Conclusion Stand Out With Custom Displays

If you have a great product you can’t wait to sell in a major retailer, you deserve an effective display. Even if your product’s packaging catches customers’ eyes, you need an irresistible display to engage consumers and encourage them to interact with your product, learn more about its value and have a memorable in-store experience. Show potential buyers you’ve done your research, and you’re prepared to entice their customers with exceptional packaging and a display to match. The key is to choose a display design that urges customers to hold your product in their hands.

At Creative Displays Now, we’re excited to use our experience working with top brands and major retailers to engage your target market and help you succeed. Our in-house team of structural designers is proud to create compelling shopping experiences and make our customers’ products pop. We understand the requirements of major retailers, and you can count on us for fast, high-quality results. To learn more about our display solutions, please contact us today.

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