The Benefits of Dump Bin Retail Displays

The benefits of dump bin retail displays

In-store shopping is on the rise, and physical retail spaces provide brands with a significant opportunity to connect with their customers. Ensuring you use retail spaces to boost brand awareness and increase sales is essential to an effective marketing strategy.

With 73% of purchase decisions made at the point of sale, businesses must leverage simple and effective marketing tools to attract attention and encourage impulse buying. Display bins for retail are a phenomenal tool for connecting with consumers, moving bulk items and boosting brand awareness.

What Is a Dump Bin Display?

Dump bin displays are floor-standing containers open at the top and filled with loose merchandise. They’re often made from corrugated cardboard to provide a temporary — and sustainable — display solution. Dump bins are an excellent way to use floor space in retail stores to promote bulk merchandise, increase product visibility and encourage impulse purchases. They are easy to assemble and are often placed in high-traffic areas to encourage impulse buying.

Using them for sales or special promotions, you can ramp up the excitement as customers sort through the bins to find the desired product, almost like a treasure hunt. As they can hold large amounts of merchandise, retail dump bins are also an excellent option for clearing old stock. They can store more items than shelves without looking overfilled or messy, giving your product more opportunities for exposure.

The Benefits of Dump Bins for Retail Stores

Placing dump bins in retail stores can be an excellent addition to your sales and marketing strategy. The correct application of this promotional tool in the right circumstances can provide you with significant benefits.

Encourage Impulse Purchases

Impulse buying is purchasing something without planning to. This type of spending is on the rise, and 64% of Americans increased their impulse spending habits in 2022. Dump bins for retail stores can leverage impulse buying and benefit your products. Dump bins prompt the natural desire to gravitate toward specials and sale items, which can quickly lead to impulse purchases.

When people see a dump bin, they want to know if there’s something inside they can use. The mystery element makes shopping fun and people feel like they’re getting a deal. Impulse buying releases dopamine, which means shoppers could feel good when they find something unexpected in a dump bin display.

Boost Brand Awareness

Brand recognition is critical to successful sales, and awareness is a massive part of every brand strategy. A dump bin display is an effective and easy-to-use marketing tool that presents your products in an appealing way. Cohesive graphics boost your brand campaign, and customizable dump bin displays convey your message when they match your broad campaign. They elevate your brand in consumers’ minds and create a consistent message that strengthens your brand image.

Make a Positive Impression

First impressions are critical in a retail environment. Dump bins are large, giving you plenty of space to communicate with customers. Combined with clever design elements and essential information, they effectively capture attention and set the tone for your product campaign.

Highlight Your Products

Shoppers often commit to the products they notice first, so customizable display bins with eye-catching graphics can set your products apart from the competition. In addition, cohesive branding on your retail dump bin displays adds credibility to your brand and products.

Communicate Your Brand Message

Communicate your brand message with dump bin displays

Building trust with consumers is essential for a successful long-term marketing strategy. The more information and help you provide people, the more they feel they can trust you. Dump bins are an excellent canvas and give you a good amount of physical space to provide customers with the information they need, as you can print your brand or campaign message directly onto the corrugated cardboard.

Save Manufacture and Transport Costs

Retail display bins are cost-effective. Their simple construction and streamlined design require little effort to set up. You can save on transportation and storage costs as they’re delivered flat.

Provide Eco-Friendly Marketing

Consumers care about the brands they buy from — 73% of consumers are happy to pay more for sustainable products, and 86% want sustainable packaging. Cardboard dump bins are an eco-friendly marketing alternative made from recycled materials. Using them — and other eco-friendly marketing practices — enhances your brand image.

Customers want to connect with the brands they buy from, and using recyclable retail displays to demonstrate your commitment to a more sustainable future is an excellent way to communicate the message that your brand cares about its customers and environmental impact.

How to Promote Your Products With Dump Bin Displays

Like all marketing tools, retail dump bin displays are better suited to specific products and applications. Having a solid strategy is essential to leverage the benefits. Consider the following tips to maximize your return on investment and increase sales:

1. Choose the Right Products

Common use cases for dump bin displays include food and beverage items, health and beauty products, school supplies, and more. As you encourage customers to make impulse purchases, placing dump bins in a retail store means customers will interact with your products as they shop. Ensure the products are something they want to add to their baskets.

Dump bins are an excellent choice for sale and promotional items or for moving old stock to make room for new items. Remember, no rule says you must limit your display to a single item. Instead, you could encourage multiple purchases by grouping similar items, like notebooks and pens.

2. Use Color

Display bins work best for retail if they command attention. Consider using color combinations to boost brand awareness and attract people to your display. For example, you could consider matching colors to create a vibrant, summery effect to sell sunscreen.

3. Focus on Placement

You want your dump bins placed in high-traffic areas in retail stores, like at the entrance, by the checkout counters and at the end of aisles.

4. Consider the Customers

One of the many reasons customers love retail bins is that they’re exciting and convenient, so consider the dimensions carefully. For example, if you’re targeting children, make the display at a height where they can explore what’s inside.

5. Use the Space

Retail display bins are large, giving you space to boost brand awareness, share marketing messages and inform your customers of your product benefits. With customized displays, you can do more than move bulk products. You can allow customers to connect with and learn about your brand.

6. Consult the Professionals

Getting the most from your retail displays requires a strategic approach. The input of experienced display experts can be invaluable in choosing the best displays for various environments. They can walk you through the design and placement, elevating brand awareness, triggering impulse purchases and boosting your brand.

Design a custom dump bin display

Design a Custom Dump Bin Display Today

Commanding customer attention in a busy retail space can be challenging. Still, some well-executed marketing displays can help ensure your brand stays in people’s minds and encourage them to choose your products. Creative Displays Now! has over 60 years in the display and packaging business, and our knowledge of major retailer display specifications and requirements makes us an ideal partner in creating displays that increase revenue and connect with customers.

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