Chapter 2: How Often Should You Refresh Your Displays?

Chapter 2: How Often Should You Refresh Your Displays

Upgrading your displays every so often can help push your products and generate better sales numbers. As you know, stale displays get little attention. Customers will ignore displays that are worn, old or irrelevant. However, it can be challenging to know how often to refresh your displays. To help you keep your product displays fresh, follow a few simple rules of thumb.

Why Should Displays Be Changed Regularly?

Why do you need to switch up your displays? Regularly changing your retail displays serves a few purposes:

  1. Avoiding retail display fatigue.
  2. Keeping up with branding changes.
  3. Staying relevant in the current season.

Updated retail displays help you earn customer interest. As a result, you’ll generate more sales and build stronger brand awareness. Retail displays can be a powerful tool if you know how to use them!

When Should You Change Your Displays?

Since designing and implementing a new retail display represents a significant investment of time and resources, choosing the best possible timing is vital. Knowing when to change out your displays can make all the difference. Here are five times you should update your product display:

  1. It’s damaged or worn: Even “permanent” retail displays need updating from time to time, but corrugated cardboard temporary displays need replacing more frequently. Employees and customers handle them each day, so they’re bound to receive some wear and tear. If your display is worn or damaged, it’s time for a replacement.
  2. You’ve changed your brand: If your brand identity, messaging, imagery or product selection has changed, your old displays might no longer be relevant. They might even spread incorrect information or confuse your customers, hurting your brand awareness.
  3. You have new products: New products call for a new display. If you’ve rolled out a new product or a variation of an old product, you can help get the word out with a fresh display.
  4. The store is changing: If your retail partner is changing their floor layout, product organization or other significant elements, you’ll have an excellent opportunity to show off a new product display. Retailers often update their store layouts at least a few times per year.
  5. It’s a new season: It’s also essential to keep up with the seasons. Seasonal product displays attract consumers. You might upgrade your display for the time of year or an upcoming holiday.

How Often Should You Update Different Types of Displays?

Various types of displays require updates more or less often than others. When determining the best timing, be sure to consider the type of display you’re dealing with. Some can last for months, while others only last a matter of days or weeks. Here are a few different types of displays and insights about how often you should change them:

How Often Should Window Displays Be Changed?

How Often Should Window Displays Be Changed?

Retailers upgrade window displays every month or so. Window display setups get customers through the front door, so keeping them fresh is a major priority. However, many big box stores no longer rely on window displays.

How Often Should Permanent Displays Be Changed?

Permanent retail displays are made from a long-lasting material like wood or steel. They serve as an extension of the store’s product-focused layout. They represent a greater investment than temporary displays and are often immobile or challenging to move. To be economical, plan to keep permanent displays in place for months at a time. If you’re designing a permanent display, you’ll likely want to create something timeless, not something seasonal.

How Often Should Temporary Displays Be Changed?

Temporary displays are only used once, in most cases. They’re easy to move around and dispose of when needed. Temporary displays are perfect for seasonal promotions and might only stay on a retail floor for a few weeks. You’ll want to update your temporary displays often, ensuring they remain fresh and exciting. They’re an economic and low-risk choice, affording you the flexibility to keep up with retail trends.

Learn More About Updating Displays

It’s essential to replace your retail displays often. However, it can be challenging to know when it’s time to switch out a display for something new. You’ll want to plan your display updates well to ensure the best performing displays without wasting time and resources changing them too often. Following a few rules of thumb will help you keep your displays up-to-date.

If your displays have sustained damage or are no longer relevant — whether to your brand or the current season — it’s time for an upgrade. Some displays require replacement sooner than others. While permanent displays are a long-term investment, temporary displays offer you the flexibility to keep your promotions and visuals fresh. Learn more about designing and implementing new retail displays. If you have any questions about when to swap your displays, call Creative Displays Now at 1-866-244-2214.

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