Introducing sWheat Scoop, Our Customer of the Month!

We all love our four-legged feline friends, but when it comes to handling their “business” in a way that’s hygienic, affordable, and has a minimal impact on the environment, we are sometimes at a loss for options. That’s one of several reasons why we’re excited to introduce you to sWheat Scoop, our Client of the Month.

sWeat Scoop - Featured Client for Creative Displays Now
Made from a 100% renewable resource: wheat, this biodegradable and environmentally-friendly cat litter cancels out unpleasant odors efficiently – without all the harmful ingredients you probably worry about exposing both your feline and the human side of your family to. Started as a family business 20 years ago, sWheat Scoop is still produced in Minnesota and sold nationwide.

Since at Creative Displays Now, we are always looking for ways to help our customers lower their environmental impact, we love that the creators of sWheat Scoop were able to create a highly-effective all-natural litter not made from clay, which disrupts the ecosystem from which it’s taken. Their litter also comes in a variety of formulas, including Premium+, Multi-cat, and Fast Clumping options, so you can get the product that best suits your furry friend.

The folks at sWheat Scoop are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but we especially like their ultra-informative YouTube Channel, which you can check out here. We’re always impressed by companies that seem to have a real knack for social media, and it helps us to create the best design possible for their products.

When sWheat Scoop’s team contacted us to set up a meeting, we were thrilled to be able to show them some of the work we’ve done for other pet companies. From that point on, we all knew it was a match made in kitty heaven! While sWheat Scoop is available in most major retailers, the sWheat Scoop team was looking to up their display game in smaller mom and pop retail stores. Designing efficient and eye-catching displays for family-run stores uses a completely different method than when we design for chains.

Endcap Displays for sWheat Scoop
Endcap Displays for sWheat Scoop

For starters, most of these stores have 36” endcaps (displays that go at the end of each aisle). We made sure that the brand’s colors of yellow, orange, and red were featured prominently to keep building brand recognition. We also created case stacker displays, which simply stack the bags of litter for easy and efficient Point of Purchase display. The requirements we received noted that the case stacker needed to fit within the pallet for easier shipping, so we created everything into flat, one-pack kits. We’re looking forward to creating sWheat Scoop’s standees in the next few months!

Case Stacker Displays
Case Stacker Displays for sWheat Scoop

We love creating functional and outstanding packaging for companies like sWheat Scoop, which gives back to the feline community by partnering with the Best Friends Animal Society. With low environmental impact, superior odor control, and a commitment to protecting and serving the needs of a household’s two-legged and four-legged members, sWheat Scoop was a natural fit for our Customer of the Month.

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