Top 5 Examples of Winning Point of Purchase Displays

Point of purchase displays are used to serve a variety of purposes: reflecting the latest holiday or season, making special offers, promoting new products, announcing pertinent information to customers, and more. They may be supplied by the manufacturer, which is often the case with small-to-medium sized businesses, or supplied in-house to maintain a unified theme and layout. The most effective point of purchase (POP) displays used by retailers are those that increase the number of products being sold and ultimately boost profits. The following list includes five of the most effective types of displays designed to reach customers at the point of purchase:

5. In-Store Banner Displays
In-store banners can be used to display a variety of messages through text and graphics. Banners may be used to announce upcoming sales and promotions, create a seasonal mood or celebrate the holidays, or inspire last-minute shopping decisions. They can even simply communicate a brand name to keep it in customers’ mind so they’ll be more likely to return when they’re searching for that brand.

4. Modern-Day Mobiles
In addition to banners, retailers and manufacturers also rely on mobiles to send promotional messages to customers. Just as the mobiles above infants’ cribs are designed to capture the baby’s attention and make them smile, the mobiles in retail stores are designed to capture customers’ attention and make them buy more, return sooner than later, or remember a carefully chosen branding message.

3. Life-Size Display Stands
With a solid structure that mirrors the typical height of a human being, a display stand can’t help but stand out. A retailer or manufacturer can rely on the basic design of a display stand to grab customers’ attention with a freestanding unit that immediately often sparks memories and a general undeniable sense of interest.

2. Posters for the Right Reasons
When used for the right reasons and designed with consumer behavior in mind, posters can also be very effective for communicating any number of messages to customers inside and in front of a store. Retailers and manufacturers often announce upcoming sales or let customers know that a new product is coming out with strategically placed posters. If you want shoppers to think about a product, but the product itself isn’t on the shelves yet, this is possibly your best bet.

1. Space-Saving Shelf Edging
One of the most popular options for placement is directly next to the checkout stand. Shelf edging is always a winning choice for selling small items at the point of purchase, especially impulse buys such as candles, cookies, playing cards, and more. Retailers and manufacturers can showcase each row of products with a catchy image on the “headboard” towards the back of the display. All you need is a shelf and you’ve got room for a few.

When it comes to point of purchase displays, these are certainly not the only options. If you stick with one of these “winning” POP display styles, though, you’re more likely to find success with increased sales at the point of purchase.


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