The Art of Building and Designing Complex Cardboard Displays

It can be easy to dismiss humble cardboard as nothing more than necessary packaging. To think of it as just something that gets the actual product to its intended destination.

But an increasing number of retailers realize the right treatment is all it takes to transform cardboard into something significantly more powerful. We’re talking cardboard displays here.

And we’ve got some good news for you: it may be easier than you think to create an attention-getting, memorable (and convenient) display for products. The branding potential is unlimited. So don’t get stuck on packaging when you’re thinking about the potential to brand. Corrugated cardboard displays are brilliant places to further brand reach and identity. 

Gift Card Display - Cardboard Retail Display

How can you best use your cardboard displays to promote your brand? Here are a few ways that complex cardboard displays can help you think outside the literal box.

Pre-Assembled Peg Displays

Displaying small, hanging items in an attractive and easy-to-shop manner can be tricky. Your choices are typically limited to creating a potentially awkward peg feature, or simply dumping product into a large bin.

Whether your feature area is an endcap, a sidekick or an aisle space, take the guesswork out of constructing an inviting hanging feature by using a cardboard display that comes pre-assembled with pegs. Not only are these features easy and fast to set up, they also usually put optical illusion to good use to maintain a well-stocked and appealing appearance with less product.

Moving Displays

Most shoppers are used to seeing stationary displays during trips to the store, so complex cardboard displays that go the extra mile by using a battery-powered motor and moving components are perfect for catching customers’ eyes and piquing their curiosity. Whether it’s a back-and-forth motion or a slow rotation, a moving display stands out from a distance and invites your customers to come closer for a better look.

Large-Scale Displays

Since cardboard is a relatively inexpensive and often recyclable product, it can be the perfect medium for designing an immersive experience for seasonal promotions.

With battery-powered lights, a twinkling Christmas tree or Rudolph’s blinking red nose can let your customers know exactly where you’ve stocked all-things-holiday. With the addition of artificial spider webs, your Halloween section can have a spooky, shadowy feel with a creepy cardboard graveyard display spanning the aisle’s entrance. Hearts and shamrocks, sunny rays spilling down…get creative and create the biggest, best display around.

Cardboard displays are only limited by your own imagination. You can create undeniably attractive complex cardboard displays that sell more than ever. Need some help or inspiration? Have any questions? Creative Displays Now is an industry-leader in displays that sell – we’ve helped customers just like you craft engaging, unique, eye-catching displays that can increase your bottom line. But don’t just take our word for it… reach out or call us at 1-855-284-6922 to learn more about what we can offer. Why not get started today? 

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