Tips and Tricks for Creating Effective Displays for CPGs


The consumer packaged goods market is highly competitive. Brands must find creative ways to make products stand out among crowded store aisles. You can use intriguing and eye-catching point-of-purchase displays to enhance your product presentation and engage more shoppers.

Retail displays are a powerful tool to differentiate your products from the competition and enhance brand awareness for your business. With a few best practices in mind, you can create the most effective displays for your CPGs.

Use these easy tips and tricks to design displays that spark consumer interest and ultimately boost your in-store sales.

What Is CPG Marketing?

CPG marketing aims to drive business growth and generate sales by attracting and retaining customers. The marketing strategies in the CPG industry focus on activities like research, customer engagement, pricing, advertising, product development and distribution. 

There are various ways to create online and offline CPG marketing campaigns, such as billboard advertising, content marketing and paid social media ads.

CPG Marketing Challenges

If you are new to CPG marketing, you must understand the common industry challenges that could impact your efforts.

Changing Customer Preferences

Trends have always come and gone, but living in a heavily digital world means consumer behavior can change virtually overnight. CPG brands face pressure to adapt to factors like cultural shifts, technological advancements and environmental concerns.

Highly Competitive

The CPG brand market has a low barrier to entry, making it an appealing starting point, but it’s also highly competitive. Products from different brands may start blending in consumers’ minds, making it challenging for your business to stand out and gain a significant market share. 

Rise of E-Commerce and Digital Marketing

When marketing as a CPG brand, you must move away from traditional strategies and adapt in response to the market. Marketing leaders must formulate concrete game plans focusing on digital tactics, e-commerce and direct-to-consumer sales. 

Lack of Brand Loyalty

Customers have virtually endless options in the crowded CPG market, so gaining brand loyalty might be an uphill battle. CPG brands face significant pressure — consumers can quickly switch to different brands for reasons ranging from low prices to changes in preferences and convenience.

Marketing Tactics for a Robust CPG Marketing Strategy

You should think strategically and analytically to master the numerous CPG challenges. Let’s look at some practices to enhance your campaigns’ effectiveness.

Focus on Collaborations and Partnerships

Businesses broaden their appeal and reach new audiences by focusing on collaboration and partnership efforts like influencer marketing. Connect with influencers who align with your target audience, brand values and product category. Look at the influencer’s follower demographics, content style, brand collaboration portfolio and engagement rates to gauge alignment and determine if a collaboration makes sense.

If you align, start developing engaging content showcasing your products. Lean into formats like product reviews, giveaways, tutorials and sponsored posts.

Be Adaptable

With so much competition, adaptability is a must-have skill. Start by monitoring your market trends to remain ahead of the curve and focus on anticipating changes in customer demands and preferences. Continually monitor your competitors to identify market gaps and understand their marketing initiatives, product launches and pricing. Use what you learn from your metrics to differentiate your brand and benchmark your performance.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Data analytics inform successful CPG marketing campaigns. For effective CPG market research, start by looking for insights about which products are over- or underperforming. Customer data like demographic information, browsing behavior and purchase history also assist in creating personalized marketing efforts and enhancing engagement. 

9 Tips for Creating Effective Displays for CPGs

When creating retail displays, there are ways to optimize your design to communicate your unique brand ethos and reach more customers. The following tips will help you develop effective POP displays for your consumer packaged goods:

1. Use Custom Displays

A custom retail display is one of the best ways to enhance your in-store product presentation.

While you can opt for predesigned stock displays, they can be cookie-cutter, and you could wind up with a design similar to a competitor’s.

POP displays distinguish your brand and products from others. Use customization to communicate your unique point of view to shoppers. If your personalized and memorable design resonates with a consumer, they are more likely to put your product in their cart.

2. Educate Shoppers

Another helpful tip for creating effective retail displays for your brand’s CPGs is to use your design to educate your shoppers.

Here are a few different ways to enlighten customers about your business.

  • Share your brand’s story: Succinctly establish how you created your product line. You can also use compelling images to share your origin story.
  • Highlight your products’ benefits: Use your display to share your unique selling proposition and how your CPGs can enhance the shoppers’ life.
  • Teach shoppers how to use your product: You can use your POP display design to show buyers how to use or consume your products.

3. Understand Your Target Market

When deciding on a design for your CPG retail displays, identify your target audience and research their shopping habits and in-store behavior.

Exploring your target market will help your brand determine the best way to capture shoppers’ attention in stores. Create a design with your ideal customer in mind. Explore questions like:

  • What does my target customer value?
  • What does my audience need to know about my products?
  • What will make my product stand out to my target market?

4. Communicate a Distinct Message

You can maximize your POP displays by prioritizing straightforward communication. Finding ways to express your unique message will help you connect with shoppers.

The average consumer sees thousands of advertisements daily, so you must use concise, to-the-point language and memorable graphics. Your chosen design should directly relate to the CPGs you sell. Shoppers should understand your products’ purpose at a glance. Emphasize your core brand values and how your products support those beliefs.

5. Use Your Business’ Branding

Consistency is essential for crafting effective retail displays.

Your in-store presentation should be an unmistakable extension of your brand and share the same elements, including:

  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Graphics
  • Imagery

You can successfully reinforce your brand identity and generate valuable awareness by keeping your POP display consistent with your other visuals. Include your unique value proposition and how your products differ from your competitors.

You can enhance brand loyalty by using uniform branding and emphasizing what makes your products extraordinary.

6. Use a Bold Design

Picture yourself walking down a store aisle. The products with the boldest and most unique designs typically catch your attention first. Consider how you can make your retail display pop in a busy setting.

Here are some ideas for making your retail display design more engaging and eye-catching.

  • Bright colors
  • Large print
  • Unique shapes
  • Catchy phrases
  • Interesting graphics

If you sell tiny products that shoppers easily overlook, you can use your display to promote your brand on a larger scale.

7. Make Accessible Displays

In addition to creating retail displays for your consumer packaged goods that look great, you must also ensure they are highly functional.

You don’t want your design to be overly complex or create a hurdle for retrieving your products. Shoppers should be able to effortlessly reach inside and access your items while browsing the aisles.

Another helpful tip is to design your POP displays so they are easy for store workers to assemble, stock and organize. Then, you can be confident that your brand will be well-represented with your preferred product presentation.

8. Connect to Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

POP displays can be integral to your brand’s marketing and advertising efforts. You can use promotional displays for your CPGs to enhance your latest campaigns and connect with in-store shoppers.

By including the following, you can encourage consumers to explore more about your brand and products online:

  • Social media account handles
  • Dedicated hashtags
  • QR codes for your website

Connecting your marketing campaigns with your display designs can help you drive traffic to your website, where you can encourage shoppers to try more of your products.

9. Work With a Professional Design Team

One of the best tips for creating effective displays for CPGs is to work with an experienced design team.

You can gain valuable insight into optimizing your retail displays and making your products shine in stores. A professional design team can help your business create revenue-boosting displays with the ideal dimensions and structure.

They can offer more insight into national retailers’ display requirements and typical hurdles in the design process.

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