Display Basics – Lesson 4: What we Need to Know to Help our Customers

By , Designer for Creative Displays Now

Note: This is the fourth in a series of articles (“Lessons”) covering the basics of corrugated displays and boxes.

Perhaps you are a startup company and are thinking of selling your product in a display. Or maybe you’ve done a few displays and consider yourself to be a bit more experienced in that area. As a designer, I can tell you there is more engineering to a display than you might think.

If I (or any of our display designers) can get the following questions answered on the front end, before the display is even sold into a store, we can develop the best merchandising solution for you to have success in the marketplace.


Below is a list of questions that will help with the design into the marketplace:

    • What is your product or product mix?
    • Your product’s weight and size
    • Display lifecycle: what is the time length of exposure in the store?
    • The selling price of the product (impacts the budget for the display)
    • Primary retail market
    • Specific objectives
    • Type of display: Counter, floor, pallet, ¼ pallet or power wing (in other words, how big do you want it to be?)
    • Level of product competition
    • Types or name of store within which you are selling
    • Geographic location / demographics
    • Shipping methods: packed out, set up or flat
    • How will display be transported: UPS, FedEx, LTL
    • Graphic requirements
    • Quantities

And last but not least…

  • Budget requirements!


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