Chapter 5: Why Customers Enjoy Custom Retail Displays

Custom displays add something special to the shopping experience. If you look at examples of impressive displays, you can imagine how they make stores more inviting and less bland. They also make it easier for customers to locate products quickly to get what they need and go.

Even more benefits exist for product manufacturers. Imagine how your custom display will make your products visually jump off the shelves and sparkle in customers’ eyes. Whether you sell cosmetics or hardware, you can present your products in a way that makes shoppers eager to learn more.

Let’s explore more benefits of custom displays for you and your customers and the various types of point-of-purchase displays available.

What Is a POP Display?

Point-of-purchase (POP) displays are marketing materials placed in point-of-purchase areas. They range from floor units with shelves to retail signage. Temporary POP displays are often made of highly customizable corrugated cardboard. Corrugated cardboard is a cost-effective material that’s easy to cut, print on and assemble.

What Are the Types of POP Displays?

POP displays come in a range of shapes in sizes to suit your needs. Common types of POP displays include:

  • Floor: Floor displays include all freestanding units such as corrugated cardboard bins and shelves. Floor displays are customized to your specifications and unique design.
  • Inline: Inline displays are designed to sit on a retail shelf and are perfect for promoting smaller items, like lip gloss, candy or gum. Inline displays urge customers to try new products.
  • Endcap: Endcap displays are placed at the end of aisles. These displays might consist of retail signage and inline units or be a freestanding floor display. Endcap displays are ideal for increasing visibility and promoting new or seasonal products.
  • Display bins: Display bins are large containers that make it easy for customers to grab items on the go. This display represents affordability and helps products sell fast.
  • Counter: Counter displays are smaller units made to sit on checkout counters. You can use a colorful counter display to encourage impulse buys.
  • Pallet: pallet display sits on top of a full, half or quarter pallet. These displays are sturdy enough to hold a large number of goods or heavier merchandise.
  • Sidekick: A sidekick display, also called a power wing, may hang on the side of an endcap display or be used as an independent floor unit. Sidekick displays might hold add-on items to complement endcap merchandise or be space-saving solutions in checkout areas.

What Are the Benefits of Custom Retail Displays?

Custom retail displays are more effective than plain shelves. Your display is an opportunity to connect with your target audience in-store and spread awareness of your brand. With a custom retail display, you can:

  • Choose a design that sets you apart from competitors.
  • Use colors, images and text to increase brand awareness.
  • Educate customers about your product’s benefits.
  • Convey a high-quality product and increase sales.
  • Grab attention for your new product.
  • Tailor your display to connect with your target audience.
  • Promote impulse buys.
  • Select a size and shape that meets your retailer’s specifications.
  • Advertise your products within your budget.

Overall, custom POP displays are an affordable, convenient and effective way to reach customers as they shop.

Why Do Customers Like Retail Displays?

For some people, shopping is fun. It’s an excuse to get out, browse around and explore various products. Displays add color and visual appeal to a retail environment and make the shopping experience even more engaging.

Other consumers would rather not spend too much time in the store. They want to get what they need as quickly as possible and get out. Since most stores are packed with choices, it can be challenging to decide what to buy. Displays make products stand out from an overwhelming amount of options and help customers make up their minds if they need to purchase something quickly.

Other reasons to love retail displays include:

  • They invite customers to interact with a product and learn more about a brand — all at their own pace.
  • They can be fun and inspiring and lift shoppers’ moods.
  • They can draw attention to a sale or coupons that customers might otherwise miss.
  • They can help customers connect with a brand and try new products.
  • They’re convenient and don’t always require customers to go down aisles.

Whether you’re a customer or a product manufacturer, it’s hard to imagine a store without displays. Get started on your retail display project by giving us a call today at 1-866-244-2214!

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