Hand Sanitizer Displays

Custom Hand Sanitizer Displays

With so many people purchasing hand sanitizer, stores and businesses are coming up with creative ways to display it for their customers. Eye-catching counter, floor and entryway displays promote your product and make it easy for customers to find.  

Hand sanitizer counter displays make an attractive addition at the register and can encourage last-minute purchases as your customers are checking out. You can also use a floor display to set your sanitizer bottles or wipes apart from the rest of your inventory, showcase a sale or present a restock. A standing display by the door can give customers a chance to disinfect their hands before and after shopping as well. 

You can browse some of our display work to get ideas on what might work best for your space. 

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Why Choose a Custom Display? 

As a business owner, you want to promote your products. Hand sanitizer is a necessary commodity, and you want to highlight your collection with an attractive setup. You also want to make sure people know you have hand sanitizer available to purchase. Customized displays work to accentuate your stock. 

There are many benefits to choosing a customized hand sanitizer display, such as: 

  • Adaptation: With our design process, you can design the perfect display for your business. You can be creative with branding, colors and styles, and you can make the box match your product. 
  • Usability: Easy to move, sturdy cardboard displays are a simple option that simplifies stocking.
  • Allure: Our cardboard displays sit at eye level, and they use bright colors and words to show merchandise clearly. Attractive displays can catch people’s attention and encourage them to stop and browse through the product.  
  • Sustainability: Our material is made from 60-95% post-user recycled cardboard and is fully recyclable. You can recycle all parts of the display when you sell all of your product, so clean-up is easy, and you help prevent excess waste. 
  • Savings: Cardboard displays can save you time and money. They are affordable and sturdy enough to withstand daily use, and they can be collapsed and recycled when you no longer need them. 

In a retail environment, your products need to stand out. Making a unique, eye-catching display can help you set yourself apart from other businesses. Personalized displays are both pleasing and professional. They show that you put thought and effort into providing your customers with products. 

If you are looking for a custom design to set you apart from competitors, work with Creative Displays Now to get started on your vision.

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“You and your company did a great job. Your customer service and turnaround were outstanding–the team and the retailers are very happy with the display.”
– Doug H., Sandy Alexander, Inc.
“Got the displays and put some of them together. Thanks so much. This is a great product!”
– Jodi G., Director, GreatSchools Milwaukee
“The displays look great! I appreciate your patience through the design process. We are very pleased with your customer service and the finished product.”
– Justin, Butler Maps
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Plan Your Display With Creative Displays Now

Designing a new display, whether for a new product or a sale, should be an exciting experience. You can express your creativity and construct your business’s ideal display instead of relying on pre-planned layouts.

With our almost 60 years of experience, we can help you design the perfect hand sanitizer display for your business. Our 99% on-time service ensures you will not have to wait for a product so that you can set up your collection quickly and efficiently. Contact us to get a free estimate or give us a call and begin building your newest attractive display.

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