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Hardware Tool Displays for Home Improvement Stores

Structural design is extremely important when displaying large or heavy items. Let our experienced design team create display ideas for your products such as tools, garden supplies, hardware, and building materials. Below you can see a few examples of displays that work well for this type of product.

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The Benefits of Home Improvement Displays

Creating a tool display for hardware or other home improvement products benefits both the retailer and the manufacturer. Below are some of the most important benefits of displays in this industry:

  • Visibility: Product displays highlight certain items in a store, making that particular brand stand out among their competitors. If you want customers to notice a particular product, use a hardware tool display. Furthermore, displays with eye-catching designs and neat arrangements are sure to boost sales.
  • Location: Using product displays and placing them at strategic areas throughout the store, such as on aisle endcaps and near the register, can encourage customers to pick up these items. Customers instinctively focus on these areas, so they’re a great way to boost sales for a particular product.
  • Versatility: Home improvement stores often display seasonal products in one area. Product displays are designed to be flexible and can accommodate seasonal tools or equipment, so they will fit perfectly in with these seasonal displays. Depending on the current promotions, you may even place multiple displays for the same product throughout different areas of the store.
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What Products Are Home Improvement Displays For?

Almost anything a retailer sells can go on a display, but home supply stores tend to focus on showcasing their hot items. Any product that sells quickly is a good choice for a display, but stores might also want to display items with lower sales to cycle out their inventory. Another function of home improvement displays is to make products accessible for customers to make quick purchases.

Displays can have creative themes to draw the customer’s attention and highlight the products’ features.

Home improvement products that fit well in a tool display environment include:

  • Power tools and garden utensils.
  • Saw blades, nuts, screws, batteries, electrical parts and lighting parts.
  • Keys, locks, lanyards, signs and other small household products and decor.
  • Outdoor grilling accessories, firestarters, lighters and fire pit tools.
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Build Hardware Displays With Creative Displays Now!

Creative Displays Now designs, prints and manufactures displays for many industries. We produce high-quality display materials for home improvement products and home hardware using our speedy and reliable sales process. Each project is customized to fit your needs and will be entirely unique.

We can help boost your products sales using various display formats that will help boost your marketing goals. Create custom hardware displays for your customers and increase your sales. Contact us today or give us a call to get started on your display project!

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