Following Target’s Lead in Innovative Retail Displays

At Creative Displays Now, we’re always looking for inspiration when it comes to building and implementing innovative retail displays. We’ve been keeping our eyes on and loving the transition retailer giant Target has been making in the way they research, develop, and implement their displays.

In May of 2016, Target began testing their newest display strategies in their Los Angeles store. We were thrilled to see that Target has begun showcasing products in groupings, which gives the giant chain the feel of a specialty boutique experience. Now, we’re bringing Target’s best retail display strategies to our readers.

Retail Display Trends - Target

Keep the Light Flattering
How can you recreate the feel of a highly-curated specialty store that offers personalized attention when you’re operating in a larger store? By creating displays that make your customers feel relaxed and comfortable. A huge part of that is how you configure your retail store lighting. Harsh, florescent lighting isn’t just unflattering – it actually can also make your customers want to leave your store faster.

In a specialty store, lighting is used as a way to highlight a specific display or product: it’s an active decor accent, not a one-size-fits-all floodlight situation. In their 2016 display makeover, Target re-evaluated their own lighting plans. They replaced glaring florescent lights with a softer LED option, and they opted for new track lighting to call attention to their most important displays. They also redid the lighting in their produce department, to ensure that the colors of the fruits and vegetables are accurately displayed and look fresher. Now that’s a bright idea!

Revamp Your Displays
Target knows when it’s time to call in the experts. According to an article in the Star Tribune, the company hired close to 1,400 visual merchandising experts to revamp their displays. Though the retail giant already used mannequins in their apparel displays and had beauty experts combing the aisles of their cosmetics department, in May they took things to the next level.

They’ve begun to include presentations and demonstrations within some of their displays and have targeted some to feature specific holidays and events. In October, immediately when shoppers entered the store, they were greeted with a festive, eye-catching display of all the items one might need for a Halloween celebration. Everything was easy to find, centrally located, and beautifully displayed – that’s a surefire way to get customers to add a few extra things to their shopping carts. They’ve even scaled back on their famous red branding, opting instead for a more modern look that focuses on the integrity of their products.

Retail Displays at Target

Now that you’ve learned some of Target’s retail display secrets, it’s time to incorporate them into your own cardboard POP displays. We’re dying to see what you come up with! Feel free to send us pics or tag us in photos of your store’s fabulously-themed retail displays. Who knows? You could be featured on our blog!

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