Designing Displays Around Walmart Packaging Requirements

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Creative Displays Now has been creating point-of-purchase displays that go into Walmart and other national retailers for over 60 years. It’s critical to consider how Walmart floor display requirements might affect your product shipments. Arming yourself with more details about these standards can help you understand the basics and learn the steps you should take to prepare to sell your products at this major retailer.

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The Benefits of Following Walmart Packaging Guidelines

The bottom line is that suppliers can sell more products faster at brick-and-mortar stores with packaging that conforms to Walmart’s display specs. Below are details about the significant advantages.

  • An enhanced presentation: Displays ready to go in stores are attractive to customers and can have elaborate designs.
  • Additional features: You can add personalized elements to customize your retail packaging. Almost anything your creative design team can come up with is an option.
  • More store options: A retail-ready display can sit on a floor pallet or go into a specific area of a Walmart store, such as “action alley.” They are also independent, allowing employees to set them up without shelf fixtures to support them.
  • Larger displays: A larger surface area for viewing means more room for customers to notice your products. For example, displays showcasing characters from popular culture tend to be successful. Custom displays can have large panels for attractive graphics that will draw more interest.
  • The affordability: Suppliers pay for their displays and set their prices based on the products’ overall value, which is better for Walmart.
  • Quick replacement: Retailers and suppliers alike can quickly change outdated displays when it’s time to promote new products.
  • Targets consumer needs: Walmart aims to provide solutions for specific needs, which is why seasonal displays are a wise choice. Popular Walmart displays may promote back-to-school products, summer recreational products and holiday-themed candies and treats.
  • A compact design: You can fit more products on a custom display designed to conserve space. It’s also more convenient for store employees if the products automatically slide forward when a customer takes one.

Walmart Display Options

Look at some of the successful display programs we have recently designed and manufactured specifically for products going into Walmart.

1. Corrugated Retail Pallet Display

This Corrugated Retail Pallet Display allows shopping from all sides, capitalizing promotion and attracting consumer eyes. This design provides strength and durability while enabling a simple assembly at the store.

Corrugated materials are more durable and long-lasting than traditional cardboard. These pallet displays have a functionally simplistic design and are easy to reuse or recycle once they have reached the end of their life.

2. Full Pallet Retail Display

Full pallet displays are customizable to best suit the product, making them a safe choice for new item launches. The pockets can hold products of many different shapes and sizes, allowing customers easy access. You can add a creative design to complete the look.

Check out this example of a Full Pallet Retail Display Creative Displays Now (Great Northern Instore) developed for use in Walmart to accompany the launch of Wrigley’s micro package-sized gum. The display emphasized the size of the gum packages, featuring side panels with unique mirrored media to resemble “fun house” mirrors. This design aroused consumer curiosity at a distance, drawing them to the display. Sales results have shown that this display has allowed Walmart stores to surpass launch goals.

3. Custom Corrugated Power Wing Display

We designed the Custom Corrugated Power Wing Display specifically for Walmart product launches, optimizing the product’s merchandising while remaining within the store display requirements. Power wing displays consist of sturdy, eco-friendly materials and have a lot of variety in their execution.

Creative Displays Now has won multiple awards for our product designs, including the Gold Award. You can view more of our award-winning displays, including our stunning power wing displays.

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What Are Walmart’s Packaging Requirements?

Walmart takes steps to ensure store employees handle products as little as possible to improve efficiency and keep costs low. As a supplier for Walmart, you must adhere to these standards.

  • Retail-ready packaging that is easy to stock and purchase
  • Unambiguous labeling that identifies what’s inside
  • The expected standard heights
  • Single-item pricing
  • The two-pack rule, which requires arranging cartons in a specific order

What Are Walmart’s Floor Display Requirements?

The Walmart Secondary Packaging RRP Standards is a guidebook that explores display guidelines in detail. This manual is hundreds of pages long, so if you’re looking for specific information for your industry, it helps to contact packaging professionals who know how to market to Walmart.

Floor displays must abide by Walmart’s display guidelines for retail-ready packaging. Some people call them “pretty darn quick” displays because they are so simple to set up. Any extra packing materials used to safely transport the displays must create minimal waste.

PDQ requirements involve using pre-packed pallet displays that follow specific configurations, including designations as one-quarter, one-half or full-size for the PDQ shippers. Manufacturers must also use approved materials and structures to ensure the pallet displays can withstand shipping and handling.

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What Types of Retail-Ready Displays Does Walmart Use?

Walmart stocks various products, including food products, toys and games, home goods and a lot more. That’s why the displays made for hot items need to be versatile. Here are some examples of retail displays Walmart will accept.

  • Temporary retail point-of-purchase displays: These sustainable displays are easy to dispose of after they serve their purpose.
  • Stacked trays: This type of display saves space with a vertical configuration to hold products out for customers’ easy reach.
  • Sidekick displays: Also called a power wing display, this style is ideal for placement in high-traffic locations.
  • End cap displays: This display is excellent for placing at the end of a store aisle.
  • Display trays: A display tray or container offers an attractive way to showcase valuable or visually pleasing products.

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