Retail Specific Displays for Walmart


Creative Displays Now has been creating Walmart displays, along with point-of-purchase displays for other major retailers, for over 50 years. Take a look at some of the successful display programs we have recently designed and manufactured specifically for products going into Walmart:

Corrugated Retail Pallet Display


This Corrugated Retail Pallet Display allows shopping from all sides, capitalizing promotion and attracting consumer eyes. This design provides strength and durability while enabling a simple assembly at the store.

Full Pallet Retail Display


Developed for Walmart to accompany the launch of new Wrigley’s micro package sized gum, the Full Pallet Retail Display places emphasis on the size of the gum packages. The display features side panels which utilizes unique mirrored media to resemble “fun house” mirrors. This arouses curiosity from consumers at a distance, drawing them to the display. Sales results have shown that this display has allowed Walmart stores to surpass launch goals.

Custom Corrugated Power Wing Display


Designed specifically for the client’s product launching into Walmart stores, the Custom Corrugated Power Wing Display was built for maximization of merchandising the product, while remaining within the store display requirements. Creative Displays Now, a division of Great Northern Corporation, recently won six awards at GlobalShop 2013, including the Gold Award. Check out more of our award winning POP displays.

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