Making an Impression in the Convenience Store Environment

While basic-shelving, boring, lackluster convenience store display units may once have been the norm across the U.S., modern displays are designed to showcase products and to provide real eye appeal for consumers. Bold colors and solid construction combine to create appealing and eye-catching designs that can stand up to repeated use in the high-volume convenience store market. Not all displays are equal; here are five tips that can help your products stand out in the fast-paced world of the modern convenience store.

Cardboard Convenience Store Display

Tip 1: Create Instant Recognition
We all know that brand identity is crucial in any marketing plan, but particularly because most purchases in the convenience store environment are emergency or impulse buys, it is critical to create a cohesive and easily recognizable look for your displays. Using complementary colors that set off your product packaging can attract consumers and increase your overall sales. By using consistent logo designs, fonts and colors, you can also earn more repeat business from satisfied customers who can easily seek out and spot your brand in the future in these typically crowded environments.

Tip 2: Reinforce Your Message
Your convenience store displays can be a key element in your branding efforts, especially if you present a picture of your product along with your corporate slogan or tagline. This can further boost the branding efforts of your marketing team in these highly competitive retail venues.

Tip 3: Ensure Optimal Visibility
Large fonts in colors that contrast with the background can allow consumers to read your displays more quickly. Be sure to leave room for pricing information or to preprint the suggested retail price right on the display. Consumers are more likely to buy products when their costs are clearly visible. Making sure that all the text on your display can be easily read will help ensure the best response for your convenience store presence.

Tip 4: Add a Splash of Brilliant Color
The bright-red and white associated with Coca-Cola products and the red, white and blue logo of Pepsi emblazoned on blue backgrounds demonstrate the power of color in the retail environment. By choosing consistent and brilliant colors, your company can attract more attention regardless of placement in a convenience store.

Tip 5: Diversify Your Displays
Creating an array of display sizes and configurations for your products can help you achieve greater saturation in the convenience store marketplace. Competition is heated for preferred spots in these retail venues. Providing a range of display sizes and positioning options can allow you to achieve an improved location in convenience stores and fast-stop markets.

Convenience Store Custom Display

Your convenience store displays can provide real benefits by resulting in increased sales and improved visibility for your products and your company. Incorporating these five strategies into your existing display design process can help you make the most positive impact in the consumer marketplace.

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