The Best Ways to Optimize Your Checkout Counter Space

best ways to optimize your checkout counter space

Checkout counters are a valuable area in the retail industry. Customers who enter the line are already preparing to make purchases, leading to a prime opportunity for securing an additional sale. How can you optimize a store’s counter space to sell more of your products?

Learn about the best ways to optimize a checkout space and convert more customers into loyal buyers below.

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Why Promote Products at a Checkout Counter Space?

Checkout spaces are open areas of a store that paying customers always frequent before leaving. This is one reason they are the ideal place for your products in any store. Placing products near a checkout station is also effective because:

1. It Promotes an Engaging Experience

Checkout counters are where customers interact the most with store staff. Cashiers are trained to greet customers, ask if they found everything they needed, compliment their buying choices and assist with any problems. Customers associate the surrounding products with welcoming staff who put them in a positive mood.

2. It Allows for Last-Minute Sales

Many customers are impulse buyers who may purchase items out of aesthetic appeal or upon realizing they need the particular product. Some customers frequently make last-minute purchases, and the store shelves nearest the exit are the perfect opportunity for them to browse for additional items while they wait in line.

3. It Makes Your Brand Memorable

customers will see your products

With a creative checkout counter display, customers will see your products right before they exit a store and even as they enter. They are more likely to remember your display products because they will have more exposure to them while they wait in the checkout line.

What Types of Displays Work for a Checkout Counter Space?

The best retail counter displays are created with consideration for the limited amount of space available around the checkout area. The display should fit the space without appearing overly complex or cluttered.

The types of displays that make the most effective use of counter space are:

  • Shelf displays: Products can be placed on the shelves surrounding a checkout area or on shelves behind the counter.
  • Cardboard checkout displays: These displays are specially designed to add vertical space to the checkout area and make your products attractive and noticeable. You can get a customized cardboard display with graphics that reflect your brand.
  • Floor displays: Your products can add color and personality to the checkout area without appearing too cluttered. A floor display adds vertical space without sitting on the counter, so they are typically larger.
  • Interior counter displays: A display that incorporates the checkout counter itself can save space while giving customers one last opportunity to shop. Valuable products are often placed behind glass to protect them while customers browse, but counter displays work especially well for inexpensive single-use products.

Tips for Optimizing Your Checkout Counter Space

If you’re aiming to increase your sales, try optimizing a counter space with a new product display.

1. Build an Eye-Catching Display

You want new customers who are unfamiliar with your products to have a good first impression. You also want to keep converted customers loyal by presenting your products at the right moment in their shopping experience. A vivid, compact display stationed at a checkout counter is the perfect sales opportunity.

Whether you arrange your products in a simple cardboard display or with a large, showy design, you can highlight your brand name and other key features of your products.

2. Make the Display Mobile

If your display is stationary, it will remain confined to a certain area near the checkout counter. With a mobile display, your product sales are less inhibited by physical boundaries. For the best results, station your products in a store with mobile checkout practices so employees can take customers’ orders or check out customers throughout the store. Store owners can also easily move the display if necessary, maintaining your product visibility.

3. Create a Good Experience

Your intention for setting up a new display is probably to incentivize customers to add to their baskets, but you also want to improve their overall shopping experience. Offer your customers a display that has popular selections and new products expected to sell quickly. Regardless of how the store’s checkout station is set up, customers will have convenient access to these products before they exit.

4. Design the Display for a Shopping Alley

Create a custom display that can be set up in an alleyway to the register as the last touchpoint for customers. With this setup, customers will have more time to browse the products while they wait to make their purchases. A display designed for an alley would also be able to fit in a regular aisle or anywhere else the store owner could place it.

5. Add Frequently Bought Products

One way you can set up a successful display is by showcasing your most popular complementary items to entice last-minute shoppers. Placing hot items in a central location makes it easy for customers to find them. A checkout area often gets more traffic than any other part of the store, so popular items are certain to be noticed.

Items that tend to sell quickly in checkout areas include:

  • Gift cards
  • Snacks and single beverages
  • Small children’s products
  • Small pet products
  • Accessories to core products
  • Travel-sized products
  • Seasonal products

6. Select Smaller Accessories

Small products are often easier to display in a decorative fashion when you have limited space to work with. Smaller products also sell more quickly in the checkout line, especially if customers can get a bargain on inexpensive items.

If you sell major products at a particular store, fill your checkout display with accessories and other smaller packages. The store employees can show customers where the required accessories for their products are without having to locate these items across the store.

7. Organize Your Display Carefully

Plan the layout of your point of purchase display carefully to avoid creating clutter around store checkout lines. If the display looks too busy or is otherwise crowded, customers may be dissuaded from making additional purchases for unfamiliar products.

It’s OK to be creative with your display choices, but you also want the setup to have high efficiency as a sales strategy. Use popular products that customers tend to look for specifically or might have forgotten to get.

Create Checkout Counter Displays With Creative Displays Now

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