Why Cardboard Countertop Displays Are Perfect for Convenience Stores

Cardboard countertop displays for convenience stores

Have you ever been waiting in line at a convenience store checkout and found your eyes wandering to the displays near the register? In these moments, you likely picked up some gum, batteries, candy, hand sanitizer or even a small toy on the way out. This experience is a universal one.

As a business owner, getting your product to be seen by more customers means utilizing these displays as part of your marketing strategy. A custom counter display allows you to promote your product in a convenience store by creating a simple, yet effective, way to catch your customer’s eye.

6 Benefits of Counter Displays in Convenience Stores

Why might you consider a corrugated cardboard counter display for your product or merchandise? Here are the top reasons why these displays are ideal for attracting customers in a convenience store setting.

1. Brand Familiarity

A goal many businesses have is to build brand recognition and eventually even become a household name. To achieve this goal, it’s important to focus your marketing strategies on familiarizing your customers with your brand, logo, imagery and language.

In a convenience store setting, you might only have a few seconds or a few minutes to make an impression on a customer and convince them to give your product a try. Using cardboard countertop displays enables you to build this brand familiarity — you put your product within customers’ line of vision, helping them recall it later on or choose to buy.

2. Uniqueness

When your product is stocked next to every other item on the shelf, it may not stand out as much. A custom countertop display offers versatility for every type of product so you can create a truly unique image for your item. Because corrugated cardboard display stands are custom-made — from design to setup — there are endless possibilities for what you can do.

Whether you’re selling something designed for kids or electronic accessories made for adults, a custom display will suit your business’s desired specifications and needs.

3. Suitability for Small Spaces

As opposed to a department or grocery store, there is limited retail space in a convenience store. This usually means displays that are nice and compact will likely be placed in prime locations in the store, such as at the register. Custom cardboard counter displays enable you to maximize the small amount of real estate without taking up too much space.

Countertop displays are also ideal for grab-and-go products, which are more likely to be stocked by the checkout rather than on a shelf, where it’s less likely to be seen by customers. When it comes to displays, you can make them as small or large as they need to be to comfortably fit your products and the space they will be sold in.

4. Convenience

If your product is going to be located in convenience stores, your display should mimic this convenience. Custom cardboard countertop displays offer this benefit because they are easy to assemble and allow customers to quickly notice your product.

The benefits of countertop displays

Instead of having to reach high on a shelf in an aisle, a countertop display puts your product right at their fingertips — literally. Likewise, the less work store employees have to do to put together your display, the more time your products get exposure on the shelf.

5. Impulse Buys

On average, Americans tend to spend hundreds of dollars every month on spontaneous or impulse purchases. According to one survey, nearly three-quarters of Americans claim the majority of their purchases are bought on impulse. In a convenience store setting, you may be much more likely to gain sales from impulse buys because customers are often running in to grab energy drinks, snacks and other quick purchases.

Corrugated cardboard counter displays make these impulse purchases possible by keeping your product on a countertop where they can easily see and access it. Displays keep your product well-organized and presented, which leaves a positive impression on customers and shows you put time and effort into your product.

6. Custom Designs

The most significant advantage of a custom cardboard countertop display is that you don’t have to choose from a stockpile of samples for your product. You can design and build your display entirely from scratch, allowing you and your team to get creative and make your product stand out among the rest.

If you’re selling a common product like gum or lip balm, it can be challenging to find a way to look unique to customers. With customizable designs, your brand can easily attract and entice customers by presenting your product in a neat, organized and captivating way.

Counter Display Tips

What are some ways you can maximize your cardboard counter display? Let’s look at a few tips for helping your product perform at its best when designing your display:

  • Consider the type of product: Your display design should match your product’s purpose and the demographic of customers who will buy your item. For instance, if you’re selling peppermint gum, you might want to use some icy or winter elements to show the flavor. If you’re selling a small child’s toy, using bold colors and fun shapes can attract their attention.
  • Less is more: While using bright colors and enticing graphics is helpful, try to keep your messaging simple. Having too many words on your display can be overwhelming and time-consuming for customers to read. Keeping it short and sweet helps them understand what your product is and make a faster decision about whether to purchase. Let your display speak for itself!
  • Avoid displaying too many products: Having too many types of products on your counter display means customers have to spend longer looking through them to find one they want to purchase. To help maintain a positive experience with your brand, try and stick to two products maximum on smaller counter displays.

Products Best Suited for Counter Displays

Because convenience stores often only have so much room for counter displays, you might be wondering what types of products are best suited for these retail spaces. Here are some examples:

  • Candy
  • Gum
  • Breath mints
  • Snacks
  • Protein bars
  • Beverages
  • Small energy drinks
  • Jewelry
  • Toys
  • Keychains
  • Lighters
  • Batteries
  • Phone chargers
  • Earbuds
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip balm
  • Cosmetics
  • Hand lotion

Countertop display estimate

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Customers shopping in convenience stores are likely looking at products very quickly before making a decision. A custom countertop display helps you attract customers who are likely to make an impulse purchase by conveying your brand’s solution and messaging in a simple and effective way.

At Creative Displays Now, we know the importance of advertising for your product’s success. For over 60 years, we’ve been modernizing our approach to meet display requirements for major retailers. Our custom, functional solutions are made entirely under one roof, from designing your prototype to distributing it. To get started with your custom display, request an estimate on our website.

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