3 Key Advantages of Creating Appealing End Cap Displays

A study conducted in 1995 by the Point-of-Purchase Advertising Institute indicated that 68 percent of consumer purchases were impulse driven; today, a decade later, some surveys have indicated that a whopping 90 percent of consumers engage in impulse buying in the retail environment! Capturing your fair share of impulse purchases and ensuring that your company name is clearly visible to consumers can help you achieve a higher degree of success in this competitive arena. End cap displays are a solid solution that can perform double duty for your company and can increase your profitability in the consumer marketplace. But as simple as it may seem, simply throwing up shelving, stocking your product, and hoping you make sales just isn’t enough. How can creative end cap displays help you? Several ways…here are three key advantages an innovative cardboard display can offer your company or product.

End Cap Display

Advantage #1—Top-Notch Visibility
End cap cardboard displays provide optimal visibility for your products. Industry studies have shown that consumers are more likely to see and pay attention to these locations in the retail environment. This allows your displays to serve two purposes at the same time—end cap displays can help you:

  • build brand recognition for your entire lineup of products
  • increase impulse purchases for the items displayed

Creating appealing displays that represent your company in the most positive light can enhance your overall market position and can attract new customers not only for your products, but also for your brand as a whole. End cap units offer the best of both worlds for modern companies.

Advantage #2—Added Room
End-of-aisle units generally can take up more space than their in-aisle counterparts without blocking traffic or presenting difficulties for shoppers. This can allow you some extra room to customize your display and to attract customers already in the store and in the market to buy. The extra space available for end cap displays can provide your company with opportunities to:

  • demonstrate your creativity
  • offer added interactivity for potential customers
  • showcase your products in the best location in the retail environment

Cardboard Endcap Display

Advantage #3—Increased Impulse Buys
Of course, the primary advantage of end cap displays is the increase in potential for impulse purchases that are generally associated with this prime retail real estate. Front-end locations are the most effective in terms of added sales and visibility; barring that, choosing locations close to check-out registers can also boost the likelihood of impulse buys on the part of consumers.

By working with retail outlets to secure the most desirable locations for your displays and by creating vibrant, appealing end cap units that will attract consumers, you can achieve improved sales and increased visibility. This can lead directly to added profitability and an improved market position within your industry.

Looking for inspiration? Check out six examples of sales-boosting end caps. To start your own project click here or contact us and we’ll help you with all your questions.

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