Interrupting the Shopping Autopilot With Aisle Violators

Sluggish sales? Get back to black with aisle violators! Have your sales slumped this season? Are you looking to put a little extra oomph into your profits? Interested in finding new ways to get your customers’ attention? Why not incorporate the proven method of aisle violators into your displays? Read on to find out how this type of signage influences shoppers to stay longer and spend more in your store.

Stick Out
When you walk down an aisle, you may notice a long, rectangular sign hanging perpendicular to the aisle. This is an aisle violator, and it’s a sales secret good businesses have been using for years. Some of the best designs have large-scale pictures of the items and switch up the color and texture of the sign. There’s usually also room to further convince your customers to put it in their carts by listing other eye catching marketing and value prop details such as: benefits, ingredients, or the story of the product or company.

Aisle Violator Display

Placement is Everything
For maximum influence, be sure to place the signs at the busiest areas of your store: in the checkout lines, on the most popular aisles, and even close to escalators or stairs. Here, your customers are more likely to “stop and shop,” especially if you tack on a sale or pull-off coupon to sweeten the pot. A smaller packet of a sample of the product, placed in a small basket or divider on your store aisle signs, can also encourage sales. It’s recommended to place the majority of your aisle violators at the end of each aisle, as customers have been subconsciously trained by years of shopping to look for them there.

Don’t Look Up
You might be surprised to learn that shoppers don’t usually look upwards towards aisle descriptions anymore — instead, they look down the aisle in the hopes of finding what they’re looking for. This is why aisle signs are so crucial to your store’s success — if your customers don’t immediately see what they want, they may just walk right by or go somewhere else. Give your shoppers an instant visual clue by having large signs sticking out of the shelves themselves, instead of making your shoppers scan tiny text on list signs hanging from the ceiling.

Cardboard Aisle Violator

There are too many effective types of retail signs and displays for you to get stuck using the same ones year after year. If you haven’t updated your in-store advertising in a while, we invite you to read more of our blog or get in touch with us to reevaluate your strategy.

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