Give Your Counter Displays a Makeover

If you’re looking to catch your customer’s eye, spicing up your counter display is the perfect place to start. Especially when combined with a makeover of your product display methods, making sure your counter is on-brand, innovative and showcases your products well can really make a difference in your customers’ experiences—and in your company’s sales. Check out some of our most popular tips below.

Cardboard Counter Display

Pick Your Products Wisely
What you put on display is just as important as how you show it off. Don’t place your most expensive items in the center of the display and risk alienating your customers. Instead, a good rule of thumb is to display items $20 and under on your counter display—if customers see a price that’s affordable right away, they’ll be more likely to check out the rest of the merchandise. It’s even advisable to stick with a single product, say, a tube of your most popular lipstick, a best-selling liqueur or a candy that’s a customer favorite. Customers are usually quick to add a single item to their bags, but often won’t take the time to rummage through a big bin if they have to try to determine a best-seller item on their own.

Use a (Tag) Line
Another way to draw customers’ eyes to your counter displays? Use a tagline to bring up helpful reminders and tips. Is Christmas coming? Place smaller, pre-wrapped items (like candles, single bottles of body lotion or miniature bottles of liquors with bright bows tied around the neck) with a catchy tag line reading something like: For the person you forgot. Is summer on its way? Sell bug spray, sunscreen or sunglasses with the message reading: Everything you need for those hot summer outings! It won’t feel like a hard sales pitch, but instead like you have the needs of your customer in mind.

Switch It Up!
Keep in mind that your goal in creating counter displays is to generate repeat clients. Customers want to come back to a new experience in your store—and if you keep the same display up, year after year, not only are you communicating to shoppers that you’re not with the times, but you’re also limiting the sales you can make based on season, occasion and product variety. Imagine how it would make you look if you still had a “Stocking Stuffers” sign left up in June. Think about seasonal market trends that will work with your brand. If it’s a time when many children go off to summer camp, why not have a counter display of journals or stationary sets? Back to school? Place some fun erasers on your display. Mother’s Day? Think affordable jewelry, chocolates or greeting cards.

Printed Counter Display

No matter what you’re marketing, how you do it is what sets you apart from the competition. Brighten up your counter displays in 2016.

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