Chapter 1: What Are Custom POP Displays?


Chapter 1: What Are Custom POP Displays?

Custom POP displays are a strategic tool that consumer products companies can use to promote their merchandise in retail stores. These displays influence buyer behavior in favor of your brand. Investing in these marketing fixtures can help grow your business and expand your customer base. In this chapter, you’ll learn what POP displays are and how they can enhance your marketing efforts.

What Does POP Mean?

The abbreviation POP stands for point of purchase. The point of purchase is where a consumer decides to buy a product. In other words, it’s the physical area inside a retail store where consumers encounter merchandise and promotional materials. Marketers utilize the POP to plan product displays and other marketing efforts. It’s a critical area where you can appeal to customers before they make their final purchase.


The term point of purchase (POP) is often confused with the term point of sale (POS). While they both relate to areas within a retail store, the point of sale specifically refers to the checkout area. Examples of product displays within the POS include a magazine rack next to the conveyor belt at a grocery store or a selection of candy bars beside the register at a gas station.

The POS has limited space, making it ideal for marketing smaller impulse items like gum, candy, bottled beverages and snacks. Retail stores often use this area to promote single packaged items. Since the point of purchase covers most of the store, the uses for POP displays are more extensive. You can promote products of all shapes, sizes and categories. There’s room for bigger retail displays to promote larger quantities — like a six-pack of soda rather than a single bottle.

What Are POP Displays?

What Are POP Displays?

A point of purchase (POP) display is a marketing tactic used to showcase your products. These displays are separate from traditional shelves, typically located at the end of aisles or in open spaces around the store. Retailers place POP displays in high-traffic areas where shoppers are more likely to notice your products. They create a focal point that attracts attention and builds excitement. They can also introduce new and seasonal products, advertise sales promotions or simply attract more customers to your brand.

What Are Custom POP Displays?

Custom point-of-purchase (POP) displays are retail displays customized for your brand to help your products stand out from competitors. On a cluttered shelf with dozens of other items, it’s challenging to set your products apart from similar items. Custom in-store displays are designed specifically for your merchandise to achieve marketing objectives. POP displays position your brand in a prime location where customers are more likely to notice your products and add them to their carts.

What Is the Purpose of a POP Display?

POP displays serve many purposes, from highlighting product features and growing your customer base to boosting sales. Here’s why you should add POP displays to your retail strategy:

  • They separate your products from crowded shelves so more people will notice your brand.
  • They target customers you may not reach otherwise.
  • They boost revenue. According to the Path to Purchase Institute, businesses reported a 24% increase in sales from temporary POP displays.
  • They entice customers to make impulse purchases.
  • They provide a second location to display your products, in addition to traditional shelving.

Stock vs. Custom POP Displays

The key to effective POP displays is pairing eye-catching designs with easy-to-understand messaging. Stock displays lack the uniqueness and differentiation required to stand out from the crowd. Customizing your POP displays with striking graphics and persuasive information can impress your customers and boost sales.

Every product is unique, which is why you need a custom display to showcase your merchandise. For instance, heavy items require a robust fixture, while a collapsible frame is more convenient for reusable seasonal displays. There may not be a stock display to accommodate the size and shape of your merchandise. In which case, custom POP displays are the obvious choice.

Custom POP displays allow you to create attractive fixtures tailored to your merchandise. To achieve your intended results, you can choose every detail, including the color, size and configuration. Creating your own retail display allows you to design a beautiful and functional unit for your products.

How Are Custom In-Store Displays Made?

How Are Custom In-Store Displays Made?

Much like designing a new product, creating a custom display requires time, effort and creativity. Partnering with a leading designer and manufacturer can help you bring your vision to life quickly and efficiently. Here’s an overview of the process:

  1. Design: If you have an idea of the POP display you want to create, a team of designers will sketch out a few potential design options. They’ll use their expertise to bring your vision to life and create a unique display that meets standard retail specifications. If you’re unsure where to start, an experienced designer will work with you to create a design that reflects your brand and highlights your products.
  2. Prototyping: Once you’ve settled on a design, the team will create a prototype before manufacturing begins. Seeing the physical display is much different than looking at a drawing. Now is your chance to make tweaks before your order is finalized. Your designers will work with you to make any adjustments. A tangible prototype allows you to visualize every detail, so you feel confident signing off on your final display.
  3. Printing: Next is the printing stage. Advanced printing technology adds vibrant colors, logos and images to your display. Clean text and clear imaging make your displays look high quality. You can select from various printing options to achieve your desired finish and color scheme.
  4. Manufacturing: After all of your materials are printed, the manufacturing process begins. The individual pieces are combined to create eye-catching POP displays.
  5. Distribution: When your displays are finished, the manufacturer will assemble and transport them to your facility.

Creative Displays Now provides superior custom printing capabilities for a sleek, professional look. We craft your displays in-house to maintain control over the project’s timeline and deliver your displays exactly when you need them. As a result, we have an on-time percentage of over 99%!

Create Your Own Custom POP Display

Custom POP displays are a leading tactic to promote your products in-store. Understanding POP displays and how to use them will help your business succeed. You can create custom displays for your brand to help you achieve your marketing goals. Learn even more about POP displays from our ultimate beginner’s guide.

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