Chapter 2: Benefits of Custom POP Displays

Chapter 2: Benefits of Custom POP Displays

Companies use POP displays to achieve various business goals. Whether you’re releasing a new product or trying to grow your audience, these displays are an effective solution to help you succeed in the retail space. Custom displays are tailored to your product to meet specific marketing objectives. They offer significant advantages, whether you’re just getting started or already have an established brand. This chapter covers the numerous benefits of using custom POP displays to promote your merchandise.

What Are the Benefits of Custom Displays?

In a retail store with crowded shelves, it’s crucial to make your products stand out. With POP displays, you can give your products and business a competitive advantage. There are many benefits to using POP displays to promote your products, from building brand awareness to increasing sales. Here’s why you should use custom displays:

1. Attract More Attention

A beautiful POP display is exciting to consumers. Shoppers gravitate toward them, looking for products that might appeal to them.

Showcasing your products on a striking visual display will make your brand stand out. You can customize your POP display with your logo and enticing information about your merchandise. POP displays are like a billboard that you can use to advertise key product features. Bright colors and unique designs are even more eye-catching. When you use custom displays, shoppers are more likely to notice your products and consider purchasing from your brand.

Build Brand Awareness

2. Build Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is the level of knowledge and recognition consumers have of your brand. Businesses with higher brand awareness tend to generate more sales. Building brand awareness is crucial because customers often purchase products they recognize. To increase brand awareness, you have to familiarize people with your merchandising with various marketing strategies. Custom displays are an effective solution for building brand awareness within retailers.

Getting customers to notice your products can be challenging if you’re new to the retail space. Unless shoppers are looking for your products specifically, they’re unlikely to spot your brand on a traditional retail shelf. A custom POP display makes it easier for customers to discover your merchandise and learn more about your brand. You can use them to persuade customers to try your products for the first time. If they like your merchandise, they may continue to seek your products out in the future.

3. Reach Your Target Market

Every brand has a target market of potential customers they attempt to reach with various marketing strategies. You can customize your retail displays with visuals and messaging that appeal to your desired audience. For example, you could reference an old-fashioned recipe to appeal to more mature generations. Alternatively, incorporating a popular superhero may attract children and teenagers. When you appeal to specific customers, they are more likely to connect with your display and check out your products.

4. Establish Your Preferred Presentation

Without a POP display, the retailer is free to showcase your products however they choose. If you leave your visual merchandising to chance, your brand may get lost on cluttered shelves. Avoid this problem by creating a custom display that’s guaranteed to complement your products.

5. Enhance Your Reputation

POP displays provide an opportunity to communicate the value of your products to potential customers. A high-quality display reflects a high-quality brand. Use custom displays to make a positive statement about your products.

6. Target Impulse Purchases

Marketing your product with POP displays can increase the probability of impulse purchases. According to Point of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI), the in-store decision rate has reached 82%. This means most shoppers make purchasing decisions based on what they see and experience within the store. Custom displays can help sales by persuading customers to add your products to their carts.

Offer Ultimate Versatility

7. Offer Ultimate Versatility

If you sell your products in multiple retailers, consider choosing different displays for different store types. An endcap display that’s perfect in a mom-and-pop store may fade into the background at a big box retailer. With custom POP displays, you can create unique layouts for specific stores.

8. Maximize Your Investment

POP displays are affordable compared to other marketing methods. Studies show that for every $1 spent on a POP display, you can earn an average return of $4.99 in incremental sales. They pay for themselves and then some!

Custom displays boost sales by showcasing your products and inviting shoppers to make impulse purchases. People who buy your product from a POP display may become repeat customers in the future. POP displays spread brand awareness and increase sales, so you receive the highest return on your investment.

9. Promote New Products

What better way to introduce new products than with a custom POP display? The majority of shoppers enjoy finding new merchandise in stores. You can use your display to share information about your new product and encourage people to try it.

10. Educate Consumers

According to market research, the average American family repurchases the same 150 household items to fulfill 85% of their total needs. Therefore, it can be challenging for new and existing brands to persuade customers to try something different. One reason shoppers are hesitant to try new products is a lack of education. If you’re launching an innovative product, you must quickly tell customers how to use it, or they will lose interest.

You can cover your custom displays with information about your products to help customers understand them. Or, you can choose messaging that tells customers why your product is better than what they currently buy. Creating an informational POP display is like hiring a full-time sales associate to answer questions and highlight key product features.

Sell More Products With Custom Displays

Investing in Custom POP displays can significantly impact your bottom line. They attract new customers to help you sell more products. Custom displays also help develop a lasting reputation for high-quality merchandise. Design your own custom retail displays with Creative Displays Now!

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