Chapter 5: Boosting Your Sales With Custom POP Displays

Chapter 5: Boosting Your Sales With Custom POP Displays

A well-designed retail display is the foundation of any POP marketing strategy. Investing time and effort into creating an effective fixture will significantly impact your bottom line. This chapter covers design methods to increase sales with custom POP displays.

Why Invest in Retail Displays?

POP displays are one of the most effective strategies to boost retail purchases. Here’s why you should invest in retail displays:

  • Expand your customer base: POP displays attract attention, so shoppers will stop and check out your merchandise. Retail displays entice new customers and keep existing customers coming back for more. If you’re trying to reach a specific market, you can use POP displays to target that demographic.
  • Make a great first impression: Whether you’re promoting an existing product or introducing a new one, POP displays create a memorable first impression. Even if the shopper doesn’t purchase, the display helps spread brand awareness and a positive reputation.
  • Maintain a competitive edge: You can reach the customer before anyone else by placing a custom display in a convenient, high-traffic area. For example, if you place a POP display of tortilla chips near the salsa, shoppers may choose your product before making it to the chip aisle.
  • Maximize your budget: POP displays reach a broad audience for minimal cost. Once they’re in place, they will continue to advertise for your brand at no additional charge. They’re an affordable marketing strategy that produces significant results.
  • Educate potential buyers: POP displays also function as full-time sales associates. They provide valuable information to help consumers make purchasing decisions and answer common questions, so shoppers are more likely to buy your product.
  • Enhance the shopping experience: It’s important to create a positive shopping experience to keep consumers coming back for more. POP displays help create the exciting and interactive experience that shoppers crave. They’re highly customizable so you can create unique experiences for customers.

How to Create Custom Displays That Increase Sales

To boost sales with custom displays, you must start with a strategic design. Consider these strategies to make a good POP display:

1. Color

Color is a crucial component to the success of your POP marketing. Color can evoke an emotional response from shoppers, impacting their impression of your brand. Choosing a color that attracts attention and reflects your intended messaging is essential.

For example, shoppers associate red with hunger and urgency, so merchandisers often use it to market food or clearance items. On the opposite side of the color wheel, customers associate green with health, nature and relaxation. Brands often use green to market self-care, eco-friendly and all-natural products. Find a color that suits your products and use it consistently across your marketing campaign.


2. Material

In addition to choosing between a temporary, semi-permanent or permanent display, you must also select a material to support your product. Your display must be functional and well-made to reflect the quality of your merchandise. Metal and wood are some of the most durable materials to support heavier items, while plastic and corrugated cardboard are lightweight and easy to move around the store. Choosing the right material depends on your product and the purpose of your retail display.

3. Shape

When creating a custom display, you can choose almost any shape and configuration you desire. The ideal shape depends on many factors, such as:

  • The size and weight of your product.
  • The marketing goal you hope to achieve.
  • Your brand’s style and personality.
  • The type and location of the display.

4. Complementary Design

Your POP display and packaging designs must work together to achieve your marketing objectives. The primary goal is to get customers to purchase your products. While you want your retail display to capture attention, your products should be the main attraction. To achieve this balance, you must pair attractive product packaging with a custom display that complements your design. A cohesive display looks polished, professional and exciting.

5. Compliance

Whether you’re designing a floor stand, pallet display, display bin or endcap display, the retailer often has specifications and requirements that you must follow. Meeting these rules is essential for safety purposes and to ensure customers have positive shopping experiences. Make sure that your design complies with these restrictions so you can promote your product in as many stores as possible.

Start Designing Your Custom POP Displays

A point of purchase display is a valuable tool to help your products stand out in retail spaces. They showcase your products in the customer’s path, rather than crowded shelves, where people are more likely to come across your merchandise and add it to their carts.

Creating a cohesive POP display can help your brand attract more customers, motivate impulse purchases and share information about your products. You can customize different retail fixtures to fit your products and marketing objectives. Custom displays allow you to create your own design and messaging to achieve specific goals.

There are countless benefits to making custom POP displays part of your CPG retail strategy, and they can achieve a significant return on investment. They’ve helped businesses build their reputation and boost sales for years.

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